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Ever Think of Having a “Cinco de Mayo” Wedding?

Published on May 10, 2014 by in Mariachi Band

Americans have adopted Cinco de Mayo from our Mexican friends across the border, and have made it into the U.S. version of a huge fiesta for the sake of a fiesta. Actually, as many already know, the holiday is a day for Mexicans to celebrate the Battle of Puebla. The battle occurred because Mexican soldiers were fighting against French troops for claim to the Puebla de Los Angeles. The Mexican troops were successful in seizing the city and the date of the victory was May 5, 1862, hence the name Cinco de Mayo.

Since the U.S. seems to love this holiday, perhaps there are brides who would like to duplicate this festivity in the theme of their weddings. Turning the whole affair into a festival might be just the ticket for some brides-to-be. Imagine having these sorts of additions to your wedding:


Bright colored paper flowers would be perfect.

Mexican food is a must, and will be enjoyed by all.


A cake in the shape of a cactus will be a scene-stealer. And, of course, the most important of all, mariachi Alegre de Tucson.

mariachi alegre de tucson az 2013

Another idea that is very popular for today’s weddings is a photo booth. Imagine having props available to make the pictures more fun. You could include a photo booth that will delight your guests.


All these touches will make for not only a beautiful wedding, but also a wedding you and your friends and family will always fondly remember.

When you include Mariachi Alegre de Tucson, you will be getting a band of great acclaim. They have even been invited abroad to share their authentic music with those who may have never been able to hear it, except for Mariachi Alegre de Tucson’s visit to their country.

As many of you already know, it is the business of a Mariachi Band to keep the party going. One of the trademarks of the mariachi is that they will take requests, and Mariachi Alegre de Tucson has hundreds of songs in their repertoire . Some of the most common wedding songs for the mariachi band are: Que Bonito Es Amar, Celito Lindo, La Bamba, La Paloma, El Balaju, La Varca De Oro, El Guaco, Thunderball, and La Adelita, to name but a very few.

And, something magical happens when the band begins to play. Mariachi will cause your guests to suddenly get out of their chairs and begin to dance. It never fails. They can’t help themselves. For most brides, the best part of the wedding is that her guests have a good time, that, along with wanting to be the prettiest girl at her own wedding. Well, it’s difficult not to have a great time at a wedding which includes the ingredients we have talked about.


Mariachi Alegre de Tucson can play very festive songs, and get the room jumping. But, until you have heard the band play a beautiful Mexican love song, especially for the bride, you have never seen a bride and her mother cry such tender tears.


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A Celebration of a Life Well-Lived

Funeral services (Servicios de Funeral)Every culture has significant and unique rituals surrounding death and funerals. In Mexican communities, death is as important a stage in life as any other rite of passage we celebrate. This feeling goes as far back as to the Mayan and Aztec worlds. The casual and accepting attitude toward death is a part of being Mexican.

With the introduction of Catholicism, the old rituals combined with the church’s beliefs to form a deeply spiritual attitude toward death. One of the holidays that is celebrated by Mexicans and Mexican Americans alike is the Day of the Dead. Westerners sometimes do not understand this day of remembrance and mistake it for an irreverent celebration. This is far from what it is meant to be, which is a day to honor those who are deceased.The celebration includes decorated and doll-like skeletons that play instruments, dance, and sing. This celebration is an affirmation of an afterlife and a way to ease the grief that they have experienced.

Most Mexican Americans are Catholic, and a funeral is a sacred part of life. Many friends and family members attend and honor the deceased, assisted through the mass by the priest. If the family lives in a rural location, the funeral might take place in the home of a family member. Again, numbers of friends and family members come to pay their respects and strengthen their connection to all who attend. In such a setting, the casket might be placed on a table or might be placed beneath burning candles and herbs. If the family lives in town, the wake can take place at a mortuary. Either way, the ceremony ends with a church mass.

During the church mass, a mariachi band may play. This is a way to show respect and comfort the family of the deceased. Mariachi Alegre de Tucson follows in this tradition and is proud to offer this service to the family.It is with great care and much sympathy that they participate in this celebration of the beloved family member who has died. This has been a Mexican tradition for over 100 years.

The music of the mariachi band is one way to take away some of the pain and sorrow being experienced by the family. Mariachi Alegre de Tucson believes that their music also enables a connection between the older and younger generations. Many of the deceased are of the age to have been raised to the sounds of Mexican music. Mariachi Alegre hopes that their music is a demonstration to the young people attending the service that the life of the music, the spirit of the mariachi is a way in which the deceased can remain connected to his loved ones.

Other countries, Italy, for example, have similar customs. Can you remember the funeral ceremony in the film The Godfather? This is a tradition carried on today. Also, in New Orleans, many still have the jazz band playing sad music as the procession moves to the burial site. But, once the departed is interred, the band and family members dance to happy, even joyous music as they process away from the site. This represents the celebration that the deceased will have in heaven that very day.

Please contact us if you need our services in this way. It is a privilege to offer our music in this manner.

Mass (Misa) in town (en el pueblo): $225 hr (hora)

Mass (Misa) out of town (afuera) : $325 hr (hora)

We can offer reduced prices with mass and burial.

Call (520) 981-3459

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What is a U.S. Fiesta Anyway?


Let’s begin by saying that a U.S.Mexican fiesta has to have the following ingredients:

Lots of family and friends
Lots of friends of friends
Plenty of guacamole
Lots of tortillas
Don’t forget a big bowl of salsa
How about a make-your-own burrito table?
Margaritas for the adults
Horchata for the kids

Then, you’re going to need some activities, like:

Hot Chile Eating competition
Steal the Sombrero
Mexican Hat Dance

Color is a very important part of a Mexican fiesta. Bright, vivid paper flowers can be in an arrangement on the table or can be draped like a garland over the dancing area. All colors are allowed at a fiesta, there are no rules about color in Mexico.

And, last, but most certainly not least:


The Mariachi Band will be the absolute best part of the party. When the band starts playing, you can be sure that everyone is going to have a great time. The kids will start moving and dancing as soon as the first note is played. People in the audience will love asking the band to play a favorite tune of theirs. At last count, Mariachi Alegre de Tucson had over 2,000 song in their repertoire. In Mexico, the crowd will judge the group of players based on the number of songs the band knows. If you don’t know a high percentage of the songs requested, your band will not get good word-of-mouth compliments. Here’s the thing. Not only does Mariachi Alegre know lots of songs, they know songs that other mariachi bands don’t know. The members have been playing for many years, so they are familiar with older, less well-known songs, as well as the newer ones that most people have heard before.

The Mariachi alegre de Tucson is always punctual, professional, and polite. They will at all times be dressed appropriately, and at each fiesta they perform, they play like it is their very first performance. And, you know what? These guys can really get a party going.

If you’re looking for experience, you have come to the right place.
If you want true mariachi talent, they’ve got it.
If you want authentic Mexican tunes, they know them.
If you want a few American tunes thrown in, they can do that, too.
If you are looking for a great addition to your next fiesta, Mariachi Alegre de Tucson is the best addition you can find.

Mariachi Alegre has gotten so many good comments from their clients and so many excellent reviews from people who know what they are talking about that you might want to sign them up now for your party, because they get booked quickly this time of year.

Having a wedding?
Want a mariachi band at a special mass?
Looking for a fun way to celebrate a graduation?
What about surprising your mother on Mother’s Day?
How about all those folks who will be visiting you this summer? Don’t you want to throw a fiesta for them?

Call: George Bejarano
Mariachi Alegre Tucson Arizona

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Mark your Calendars for Up-Coming Events

mariachi alegre de tucson az 2014 Tucson best mariachi band

There are so many dates coming up when you are going to wish you had remembered to book some music for your guests or audiences.
Of course, there is U.S. Mothers’ Day and Mexican Mothers’ Day. Mexican Mothers’ Day is May 10 and the U.S. Mothers’ Day is May 11. In both cases, don’t you agree that our Mariachi Alegre de Tucson would be a wonderful addition to the celebration? The happiness factor will be raised 80%, at least. Besides, what mother could resist being serenaded by a Mariachi Band? Give your Mom a gift she will remember always, the gift of music, dancing, singing, and celebrating.
For all Mariachi musicians, as well as all Mariachi Band fans, an extremely important event is just around the corner. It is the:
Mariachi Conference
Wednesday, April 30, through Saturday, May 3, 2014
The events will include:
• Mariachi Workshop
• Tutorials
• Conference
• Showcase Performances
• A Concert at the Casino del Sol, Tucson, AZ
Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to learn, be entertained, and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Mariachi.
During May and the beginning of June there will be parties, gatherings, and ceremonies surrounding the jubilant event of high school and college graduations. What a joy and a point of pride and happiness as you honor the graduates in your circle of loved ones. Let Mariachi Alegre de Tucson liven up the festivities with high-spirited addition of Mariachi music.
Call –
George Bejarano
Nothing adds as much excitement to an event as Mariachi Band Alegre Tucson. Our name says it all!

Along the way, we hope that we can broaden your knowledge of Mariachi music and the history of Mariachi bands. Did you know that some say the beginning of Mariachi could be linked to the introduction of musical instruments to New Spain, which now, of course is Mexico? Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes, in 1519, brought the harp and the vihuela, along with other instruments, during his travels. The vihuela was like a guitar, having six double strings and tuned almost like the modern guitar. These instruments were played by plucking the strings, with a bow, or with a plectrum, or, as we call it today, a “pick”. The addition of these musical instruments to what was already being used to make music, rattles, sticks, drums, flutes, made way for a more diverse and layered musical capability.
Here’s a bit of music trivia. When these new instruments were introduced to “New Spain”, where was it played? The music, at first was played in churches during mass.
Thank you for your interest in our music. Just give us a call and we will reserve the date of your choice to the magic of Mariachi to your special event.
George Bejarano

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Allow us to Greet you with a Hardy “Bienvenido!”

We are the Mariachi Band of Tucson, Arizona!Bienvenido

The Mariachi Alegre is composed of four musicians who love to play mariachi music. As you can imagine, there are many mariachi bands in Tucson. Our band, however, has taught most of the other groups here all there is to know about playing mariachi. That’s right, we have been around this area for the past 30 years, and have been preparing other bands to take the stage for over 20 years. I guess you could say that we are a Tucson “institution”.

George Bejarano started this band in 2010 with members from the original Mariachi Internacional America de Gilberto Velez.   From 1985 – 2002, the original Mariachi Internacional America de Gilberto Velez played at a restaurant named El Mariachi Restaurant which was located in downtown Tucson. It was there that the band learned the invaluable lesson of how to play for a distinct clientele. Over the past 40 years, we have played for our own restaurant, for weddings, at masses, funerals, memorials, quinceneras, memorials, inaugurations, graduations, holidays, concerts and more.

We have also been fortunate enough to be a traveling band, as we have performed at the Milwaukee Summerfest, the Indianapolis Festival, and at Scotland’s Edinburgh Music Festival. As you can tell, out of town performances are no problemo for us. Give us notice, and we can come to you.

Our band is…

  • Punctual
  • Professional
  • Experienced
  • Musically knowledgeable
  • Trained and well-educated for playing during Mass
  • Appreciated and enjoyed by our audiences
  • Talented
  • Authentic
  • Confident

Let us add that little something extra to your next special occasion. To get a price quote or to set up a certain date for the band to perform, call:

George Bejarano


Nothing adds as much excitement to an event as Mariachi Band Alegre Tucson. Our name says it all!

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Mariachi Alegre de Tucson

mariachi alegre de tucson az 2013In Mexico, when there is a celebration, it is called a Fiesta. Just like parties in the United Sates, a fiesta has music, dancing, good food, colorful decorations, and celebration. A festival or holiday can be called a fiesta, as well. In Mexico, some of the holidays are statutory, which means everyone who works gets the day off. These holidays usually have to do with the founding of the nation of Mexico. Civic holidays have to do with anniversaries, days of remembrance, and days to honor the country’s symbols. In addition to the civic and statutory holidays, there are, of course, religious festivals. These are dates that are important to the Catholic church. In all festivals, there is a time for parades, dancing, music, and fireworks. The parades are also called street processions, or, in Spanish, posadas. There is also a time of year that is called Carnival. During this time there are parades, costumes, parties, As you can see, the fiestas in Mexico are great fun and they come around very often. There aren’t quite as many fiesta times here in the United States. But, there are many parties, graduations, celebrations, and weddings. If you want your next party to be off the charts, think about adding a mariachi band to the mix. You’ll be glad you did. The mariachi band adds a new level of celebrating to the party. In most mariachi bands there are some guitars, a trumpet, some violins, and lots and lots of singing. Now, we don’t want you to think that a mariachi band is shy. We don’t want you to think that a mariachi band is timid. Let’s just say that when a mariachi band begins to play, you can hear them loud and clear. You not only hear them, you immediately want to get up and start dancing. If you are not the dancing type, you will, at least, want to start tapping your toes. You will feel your insides start to bubble, and it will feel as if your heart is laughing. Maybe you could say that mariachi singing and playing is contagious. You certainly will not be able to ignore it. In the old days, mariachi bands were made up of only men, and they wore black cotton pants and white cotton shirts, with a kind of farm hat made of straw. Today they wear beautiful cowboy suits with silver buttons and a black hat with a broad, flat brim. Today, there are often women in the mariachi bands. We hope that for your next event, celebration, party, festival, or fiesta, you will remember the Mariachi Alegre de Tucson, and allow us to assist you in making your gathering a joyful one. As George Bejarano likes to say, “We know how to get a party going”. From that first guitar strum to the last note on the trumpet, your guests will be delighted and invigorated by this wonderful time together!

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