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Types of Wedding Bands


The month of September is here and with it, it has brought the season of weddings which is autumn. There is no better time to have your wedding than the month of September, it is neither too cold nor too hot and just the perfect temperature for either the situations, if you want to have an indoor or an outdoor wedding. Whatever kind of wedding you decide to have at whatever venue, you will need to have band or dj that will perform at the wedding. Let’s take a look at some of the popular bands for weddings:

Tribute Bands

Tribute bands, as their name suggests, are those bands that play the music of different famous artists in such a way that it is as close to the original work as possible. This can be really helpful as you can get a near original listening experience without the high price. Also, these bands are perfect of you are inviting people of a certain age because any of these bands specialize in specific eras and music genres.

Jazz Bands

Jazz is a very diverse type of music and ranges from the traditional jazz to modern upbeat jazz. Various aspects of jazz include upbeat, foot tapping and violins. Many jazz bands specialize in playing the tunes by great artists like Louis Armstrong and Gillespie and the vocals by vocalists such as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald.

Big Orchestras

Big bands are those bands that combine various types of instruments and styles such as sax, drums and brass to create the most nostalgic and vibrant, music you have ever listened. All the different components of these bands perfectly complement each other in an excellent manner. The size of these bands and orchestras include around 15-20 players and mostly they play hit music from the old eras and genres like jazz and swing.

Steel Bands

The iconic Caribbean bands called the steel bands play steel pans or drums and thus try to portray the vision of sand and sea like the Caribbean. These bands are portable so they can travel fairly easily and are very fascinating and entertaining to listen to. They are also very flexible so you can tell them to play any kind of music you want and they will play it with a little touch of the Caribbean.

Mariachi Bands

These are the street musicians that perform in Mexico and contain violins, trumpets and guitars. They are dressed in traditional outfits that consist of smart suits. They can play a huge variety of music, both traditional and modern, in their own special style.

If you want to get a nice mariachi band for your wedding, be sure to contact us here at Mariachi Alegre De Tucson Arizona at the earliest because the bookings for this season are almost complete as we have played 1,000 songs at weddings.

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Mariachi Band Fall Wedding

Mariachi band Tucson

Only a few days leftMariachi band wedding tin summer and weddings are in full force. It’s time to spice up your ceremony and a fiesta band is perfect. A wedding with mariachi band leaves a touch of class. The guess will assume no expense was spared. Summers is usually a high season and remains booked. The fall is coming and there’s a lot of “bodies” to be had.

Summer is a difficult season to book a mariachi band. It the time of the year when couples cook to tie the knot. The band won’t be the only ones. Most hotel and venues will be booked through the summer months. That’s not a worry in the fall. Activities will begin to slow down, so the opportunity will arrive. I less stressful time of the year with great weather and scenery.mariachi band tucson

Mariachi band In Arizona

Weather is a huge factor in Arizona. The summer can prove to be unbearable but fall in Tucson is just right. Some holidays in the fall can help with time off. Timing is essential for a wedding. The day must choose carefully. Plans become more difficult coordinate. A mariachi band is great, they can show up ready, and that’s what’s needed when pressed for time. When you have a mariachi band the music is covered. One less thing to worry about.

The beautiful scenery that accompanies the fall is magical. The arrays colors can’t be matched by any artist. That will leave moments for you to remember. A band will leave an authentic feel that flows with the environment. And that makes all the more special.

Mariachi band tradition

Well if we’re going to mention scenery. Let’s talk and about mariachi band traditional Mexican outfit. Mariachi is a representation of Mexican folk music. It shows in their classic outfits with shining white border stitching and wide hats. That hats are internationally famous and provide a great scenery. Mariachi band of Tucson can be counted to bring spice and flavor.

They great thing is everyone can enjoy. All your music needs are covered from a romantic dance to a fiesta. No one will feel out place. Everyone will be dancing from young to old. Children love the band, and will enjoy the festivities. It keeps them entertained.

Mariachi band to hire

Mariachi Alegre de Tucson is perfect for a fall wedding. They are the go-to guys for weddings in the Tucson area. They have the best reputation around and with failures prices. Always on time and great with the crowd. The September wedding to treasure always. With the summer coming to end. Fall is here and all you make your reservations. A live mariachi band with a good sound equals a great wedding.

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Mariachi For Labor Day 2016

Mariachi For Labor Day 2016

Every year at the beginning of September the celebrations happens. That’s right I’m talking about Labor Day. This day has meaningful historical significance to the United States. The good day it’s everyone’s has a day off. So it’s the perfect day and time of the year to celebrate. Parties are going to happen everywhere, so how about you out do yourself and try something different. A mariachi band would be perfect. Don’t be afraid to take a chance.



I know mariachi is Mexican and this is a holiday for America. Although it represents all people who are in the labor market. It is often celebrated as the perfect BBQ scenario of the year a day to get together and enjoy the backyard. Some of you might be fortunate enough to have a pool. There nothing like outdoor BBQ to bring everybody together. Labor Day weekend is the beginning of football season just had to throw that in there. I know it may seem awkward to have a band on an American holiday but a little diversity never hurts. It’s good fun and always remembering the reason why we’re celebrating.

So you’re thinking what’s the best way to surprise everybody. Wells here’s a different idea hires a Mariachi Alegre de Tucson. Thiers nothing better than a professional musician in town. The prices are the lowest in Tucson and this includes aged professionals. What better way to surprise your guest than having a traditional Mexican band perform? No matter what day of the year, you bring Mexican folk music and enjoy.

Mariachi September Wedding

This also a popular time for September weddings and weekend leading up to Labor Day are full of weddings. Mariachi Alegre de Tucson have many years’ experience with weddings in the Tucson area. A great way to surprise your bride and guest at the receptions is with a band. It’s uncommon throughout the southwest to see bands performing on a special occasion. You know you make the right choice when you see everybody coming together and enjoying them.


You can truly bring your entertainment cost down by hiring a band. The likes of overpriced surround sound are over with. The equipment is fragile and costs way too much. We bring just the right amount of equipment, no matter how big or small your venue is we can accommodate. Alegre Mariachi if Tucson maintains a high standard but at a price that’s cost effective. Please don’t allow a family member to ruin your Labor Day weekend music with a smartphone. I’m sorry a blue tooth speaker is personal not for events. A smartphone app doesn’t qualify you as a professional DJ. All you have to do is avoid this scenario and hire professionals. Mariachi bands of Tucson is clearly the best choice for you.


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September Mariachi Wedding

A September Mariachi Wedding You’ll Never Forget!

September Mariachi Wedding Summer is nearly over and the fall is here! September is right around the corner and the wedding season is upon us. So don’t be shy and ask for a September mariachi wedding before time runs and were fully booked. There are many mariachi bands out there but If you’re in need of a professional band in Tucson, then you should consider Mariachi Alegre De Tucson Arizona for your September Mariachi Wedding.

September Mariachi Wedding

A Mexican theme “Boda” is the true blend between fiesta and romance. In Mexican tradition, it’s not uncommon to bring mariachis to a lover’s window to gain her affection and it’s not uncommon to see a mariachi theme wedding. It goes beyond culture, as live Mexican Folk Music will always beat out average speakers. I know what you’re thinking live music is so cliché, but the truth is most people opt out for regular surround sound. There is affordable September mariachi wedding out there for your budget.

Mariachi band of Tucson can play all request. This makes mariachi music perfect for weddings as it can be emotionally romantic or high energy. This leaves you covered with a romantic bride and groom dance, while at the same time your guest won’t stop dancing. What better way to ensure your guest enjoy themselves and you’ll have a memorable September mariachi wedding? Then limitless options and fun with live music.

What better time to have a wedding then in the fall and there’s no better month than September? Not everyone can say they’ve had a September mariachi wedding. The finishing touch would be live music, probably to everyone’s surprise. When you hire an aged professional musician for your September mariachi wedding. You can rest assured that you will be satisfied with their service. While we all know that mariachi is from Mexico and it’s one country that knows how to do weddings.

If you plan on having a more religious ceremony, that’s no problem at all. Mariachi bands in Tucson AZ work with local churches and are accustomed to performing in traditional environments. Make no mistake you are dealing with seasoned professionals, who know what they’re doing. While they can make the adjustments needed to suit your needs. On an added note, Mexico is catholic country by tradition. So, that should answer any questions in regards to religious ceremonies.

If you truly want a memorable “Boda” then look no further than Mariachi Alegre De Tucson Arizona. Whether a reception or ceremony a September mariachi wedding is definitely more interesting. If you’re not necessarily into a Mexican theme wedding, you can contract them for the after party. Live music is a unique and original concept. Having a wedding in the right month of the year and a fiesta band. It counts as those little things that make all the difference when it comes to your September Mariachi Wedding.

September Mariachi Wedding

Tucson Mariachi band service is just a call away tap here to reach us – (520) 981-3459

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Are you ready for fall weddings?

There is no doubt something completely magical about weddings, but when it comes to fall weddings, they simply seem taken out of fairytales. After all, fall weddings are ideal for a series of reasons, not simply because they seem to be extra romantic or at least more romantic than summer weddings. Here are just a few reasons why fall weddings are the best and why you should definitely plan your wedding during the fall.

mariachi alegre de tucson mariachi band

First of all, nobody likes attending a wedding in the summer heat. Fall makes things a lot more bearable both for the guests, and for the bride and groom. We guarantee that even the caterers and other people that you have hired to give you a helping hand will be more than thankful that you have set the date in the fall and not in the summer. After all, we all know that summer weddings can take a toll on guests and employees alike, especially if you have planned it outdoors or somewhere where there is no air conditioning.

Second of all, a fall wedding is far easier to plan. Given the fact that most people are desperate to book the restaurant in the summer, it leaves a lot more options for you to choose from. More than that, you would actually be surprised to learn that in the fall the prices might even be lower than in the summer. This is an amazing advantage if you are having your wedding on a budget. Think of all the money you will save if you manage to get discounts on most of the things you need to spend money on for your wedding.


Last, but not least, a fall wedding gives you the opportunity to be picky, a luxury that you would have not otherwise had with a summer wedding. You can say no more easily, because you know that there are plenty of options for you out there. For instance, when it comes to music, you should not settle for anything less than the very best Tucson has to offer. If you book in advance, Mariachi ALegre de Tucson Arizona might still be available for your big event.

All you have to do is give us a call ahead of time so that we can save the date for you. Believe it or not, even if there are fewer weddings in the fall, our amazing mariachi band is still busy most of the time. There are plenty of events we need to attend during the fall and that is exactly why you should hurry up and give us a call as soon as possible. Do not miss the chance of having the best mariachi band invited to sing at your wedding. Book us today and take advantage of our discounts and offers!

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Welcome August, welcome baptisms

August is usually an incredibly crowded moth for event planners, because there are so many things going on in this moth. First of all, there are the weddings, which are increasing both in number and in the number of guests (nobody seems to want a small wedding with just family and friends anymore). Second of all, there are plenty of birthdays and anniversaries that take place this month and they need proper planning as well. And last, but not least, there are the baptisms, which some people deem to be even more important than weddings.


If there is something that can be said about this corner of the country that is that when it comes to baptisms and religious ceremonies in general, people tend to take things very seriously and go all out on the celebration. After all, no matter how religious we are, we can all agree that these celebrations are highly important and that they have a lot of meanings hidden behind them. For instance, although baptisms are supposed to be about the child and about his spiritual initiation, the ceremony and the celebration almost becomes an issue of the entire community, because all of the members are invited and asked to take part in the ceremony.

This is one of the reasons why there is something that never lacks from these celebrations in this part of the country, and that is the guests. We all know that baptisms have plenty of guests and that the party or the get together after the religious ceremony is usually quite big. There is always plenty of food and lots of drinks involved, but one of the most important things is the music.


Just like any other important celebration, the music is crucial to having an amazing party. This is just why you should not hesitate and give Mariachi Alegre de Tucson Arizona a call. As we have mentioned before, this is quite a busy month, and you might end up without an amazing band if you do not put a speed on things.

Our mariachi group is the ideal solution for any upcoming baptism and any other type of event. We have years of experience in playing Mexican folk music and quite an impressive repertoire of over 2000 songs. We know exactly what songs get people to dance and we know exactly how to set the mood in order for you to have an amazing party that nobody will forget anytime soon. So pick up the phone and give us a call. You might be lucky enough and have us play at your son’s or your daughter’s baptism! We guarantee that you will be thrilled with the songs we will play and the way in which we will play them. All you have to do is give us a call today!

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Wedding traditions or not?

When it comes to weddings nowadays, one thing that becomes more and more obvious is the tendency for young couple to put as much distance as possible between them and anything related to tradition. It almost seems like new couples or modern couples have lost their appreciation for anything related with traditions that were passes down from generation to generation. In all fairness, it also seems that most of these traditions and small rituals during the wedding have completely lost their meaning.


As opposed to what was going on a couple of decades ago, when couples about to get married at least had a vague idea of everything’s meaning, couples nowadays are obviously trying to avoid some archaic traditions that they do not understand and that mean absolutely nothing to them.  After all, doing extra things on your wedding day is a lot of hard work and it can also be a waste of time and energy, especially when you have no idea what you are doing.

However, there are still some things that modern couples have still kept and that are extremely popular. One of these things is catching/throwing the bouquet. This is quite an interesting and innocent tradition. Of course that we all know it’s meaning. After all, it is quite straightforward and there are no hidden meanings or anything like that. One other tradition that was kept is the bachelor and the bachelorette party.

4128354497_dd0df71f96_o (1)

However, there are also some habits that even if have never been considered traditions, they are still traditionally respected. For instance, having a mariachi band at the wedding is something that most people inn Arizona take into account. To be honest, a wedding without a mariachi band would be the absolute worst. After all, weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions, not celebrations where all the guests are stuck in their chairs.

This is exactly why having a good mariachi band at your wedding is highly important. Thankfully for you, the best mariachi band in Tucson still has a few available spots this summer. Mariachi Alegre de Tucson Arizona has taken part in countless weddings and ceremonies. We have highly experienced musicians who know exactly what and when to play. However, as we have mentioned before, we only have a few opened spots left for this summer. You might want to put a speed on things and contact us as soon as possible, otherwise you might end up without a bad for your wedding.

Do not hesitate to give us a call and we will make sure to turn your wedding into an unforgettable celebration! We guarantee that you will be more than pleased with our music and our out of the ordinary professionalism. We really are the number one mariachi band in Tucson! You should see that for yourself!

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Quinceaneras and quineanera mariachis

Summer began quite some time ago and along with it, there started a series of celebrations, from weddings, to birthdays, graduation parties, baptisms and of course quinceaneras. Although most of you might think that summer is nearly over, you should know that the quinceanera season is in full bloom. This means that you should be expecting to be invited to several such celebrations until fall.


We all know just how important a quinceanera can be, both for the birthday girl and for her family. It is basically the ceremony that says she is getting closer and closer to becoming an adult and that she has already started her journey in womanhood. Of course, every quinceanera comes not only with presents and a lot of fun, but with extra responsibilities as well. However, when talking about a celebration nobody actually wants to hear about responsibilities, but about having fun and even meeting new and interesting people. After all, the quineanera celebration also signifies that the girl is now old enough to date and make her own choices.

Now that we have decided that the quinceanera season is not over yet, here are a few tips that might help you throw the most amazing quinceanera in the whole neighborhood. The first thing you need to do is talk to the birthday girl. No matter if you are her mother, aunt, sister or cousin, you need to get her opinion and see exactly what she would like. There often so happens that the poor girl is forced to comply with whatever her family wants or expects of her, that she does not even enjoy the celebration. So that is the first thing you need to do. Ask her everything about decorations, food, drinks and even the guest list.


Now that you have her blessing, all you have to do is make sure that everything is prepared for the big day. Make sure that you have enough food, drinks and ice. You should also make sure to contact Mariachi Alegre de Tucson Arizona as soon as possible. Having a mariachi band at a quinceanera is almost a tradition, and you wouldn’t want to end up having to listen to bad quality music and have your guests sit on their chairs all day.

Mariachi Alegre de Tucson Arizona is definitely the right choice not only for quinceaneras, but for every occasion when you need high quality music. Our experienced musicians have an incredibly vast repertoire of over 2000 songs and we pride ourselves in being the best mariachi group in Arizona. More than that, our prices are unbeatable. We guarantee that you will not be able to find another mariachi band with lower rates. All you have to do is give us a call and we will make sure to turn your celebration into a full blown fiesta.


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Summer baptisms and baptism mariachi

Summer is a great season for a lot of events, including quinceaneras, weddings, graduation parties and baptisms. However, today we are only going to discuss about baptisms, why they are ideally held in the summer and, most importantly, why you should have a mariachi band present during this amazing event.  In Arizona most people call baptisms “bautizos”, which is the Spanish term for the celebration. The ceremony and the event itself basically mean the fact that the child is being dedicated to God, he or she is christened and is welcomed in the big Christian family.


This event usually takes place before the child turn one year old, but some families and some parents can even postpone the ceremony with a few months or even years. There are even cases when people only get baptized when they are already adults. In any case, the religious ceremony does not only involve the parents and the child, but a pair of god fathers as well. The god fathers serve as spiritual parents to the child and their purpose is to always offer them spiritual guidance.

The religious ceremony is always followed by a big party where the family gets together to enjoy the christening of its youngest member. This party is the perfect combination of good food, great drinks and, of course, Mexican folk music, which means a mariachi band. We could almost say that it has become tradition for every bautizo to have a mariachi band present during the party. There is no other genre of music that could better help the family celebrate this event that Mexican folk music.

And since we are talking about mariachi groups, you should know that Mariachi Alegre de Tucson Arizona is the best and most experienced mariachi group in the area. We have played at countless events and at countless baptism parties and we know exactly what songs to play in order to make everyone have a great time. Our mariachi group has an incredibly vast repertoire of over 2000 songs and our experienced musicians definitely have the talent and the skills to make everyone dance the whole party.

So if you have a baptism coming anytime soon, you should not hesitate to give us a call. Our mariachi band is incredibly busy during the summer, because it is also the wedding season and there are also a lot of graduation parties that we need to attend. This is exactly why you should give us a call as soon as possible and let us know when your event is going to be. You should not miss the opportunity of having the best mariachi band in Arizona play at your baptism. You can count on us to be there and keep everyone happy and in a celebratory mood!

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Summer birthday parties

There isn’t anything better in this world than throwing a birthday party in the summer, especially for kids. The reason why summer birthday parties are so amazing is the fact that there are a lot more activities the guests can take part in. More than that, given the fact that it’s the summer vacation, kids have a lot more time on their hands to spend with each other and have fun. This also goes for any adults who are involved in the celebration, as they could also easily take a couple of days off so that they can properly enjoy this cumpleano with the whole family.


The secret to throwing a great summer birthday party is to know your audience and to make it as entertaining as possible for them. Of course, adults and kids will not be entertained by the same things, but knowing exactly what your guests will appreciate and what they will not is quite helpful. For instance, you might even want to consider throwing a themed party, if you think that the crowd will like it.

Other than that, you need to provide the guests with plenty of drinks and a lot of ice. Being summer, you wouldn’t want anyone get dehydrated, would you? Apart from the drinks you should also make sure that you have some decent food lying around. Unless you are a foodie and are obsessed with healthy, organic, homemade food, some chips, popcorn and some pretzels should be more than enough. You can also go a long way with pizza and tacos.

Now, before you take out the bottle of tequila, you should know that the one thing everyone can agree upon is the fact that the music can definitely be the decisive factor when it comes to judging just how cool a party is. In other words, music can either make or break your party and it is incredibly important that you make the right choice in this department. Thankfully for you, Mariachi Alegre de Tucson Arizona still has some free afternoons this summer. However, you should hurry up and give us a call because there are plenty of weddings and quinceanras in this season and we would hate to leave you without decent music at the birthday party you are throwing.

Our group has attended countless celebrations and birthday parties and is more than qualified to show you and your guests a great time. We have quite an impressive repertoire of over 2000 songs and we are able to keep everybody on the dance floor! With us, your party will definitely be a hit! All you have to do is give us a call and we will make sure to turn any summer birthday party into an amazing celebration that you will not soon forget!

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