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Funeral services (Servicios de Funeral)We offer our condolences by playing funeral masses, wakes and burials for the families of the deceased.  We take great care in providing sympathy and understanding in offering our services to these families.

For over 100 years mariachi groups and mariachi bands have played for the deceased and their families.

In the Mexican culture mariachi music helps alleviates the suffering of the families of the deceased.  The mariachi groups (especially us Mariachi Alegre) believe that music also bridges the gap between the younger generation and older generation.  Most of the deceased are older individuals who were raised listening and experiencing Mexican music.

Mariachi music is part of our tradition and heritage.  Mariachi music transcends these the generations.  The music demonstrates to the younger generations that the music and spirit of the deceased will continue.

Not only is music played for the Mexican culture but most Latin cultures:  i.e. the funeral bands for the deceased in Italy.  Remember the scene from “The Godfather II” of the burial scene?  The Italians still bury their deceased in this manner.

Nos ofrecemos nuestras condolencias a las familias de los que fallecieron.  Queremos ofrecerles el servicio de musica de mariachi para que la familia de fallecido hacer consolado.

La musica de mariachi es parte de nuestra cultura.  Nuesta musica exprese el alegria y el sufrimiento de lo que es vida.

Ofrecemos esto precios a ustedes:


Mariachi Mass (Misa) in town (en el pueblo):  $275 hr (hora)

Mariachi Mass (Misa) out of town (afuera)    : $300 hr (hora)

Out of town(not in Tucson)/out of state 50-750miles $850/ 2hr min.


Mariachi Velorio (wake)—- same as above (lo mismo del anterior)


Mariachi Burial graveside (enterramiento al camposanto)

same as above (lo mismo del anterior)


Note (Nota): 

We can offer reduced prices with mass and burial.

Ofrecemos precios especiales si usted gustarian misa y entierro