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Mexican Theme for Your Wedding? Here’s How

//Mexican Theme for Your Wedding? Here’s How

Mexican Theme for Your Wedding? Here’s How

The perfect Mexican-themed Spring wedding starts with the foundations — Mexican traditions. Then add the right attire, , and dance steps, and you’re well on your way to creating beautiful romantic weddings to cherish forever. Let’s help you do that right now, okay? Let’s go!

Mexican Wedding Traditions for Your Spring Wedding

It’s not too late to hire a for your spring wedding! No matter what stage of planning you’re at, we’d like to help! Our rates for hiring our performers are reasonable and you get amazing musicians who love what they do and will give you a unique experience, interacting with the audience when appropriate and helpful.5F7Xg86

So, let’s keep planning, and today we’ll talk to you a little about some ways to implement traditional Mexican elements for your wedding! We’ve talked once before on this subject, but there are more ways!

1. Who Pays?

Historically, Mexican weddings are often paid for by “sponsors,” which usually consists of friends and family helping the couple pay for everything. This is a great way for more people to feel involved and a fantastic way to keep anyone side of the family (or the couple themselves) from spending a fortune on the wedding. The wedding party also supplies things for the wedding. All bridesmaids and groomsmen are paired off, and each pairing is responsible for something like the bouquet, the Lazo, 13 silver or gold coins (areas), and the pillows the bride and groom will kneel on during the ceremony.

2. Invitations

It’s common for invitations to be in both Spanish and English, and lists the parents of both the bride and the groom as the ones inviting others to join in this event. Those contributing to the wedding are also listed on the invitation alongside their contributions. Guests must bring the invitation at arrival to attend the celebration.

3. The Money Dance

This tradition came from European countries, but it’s become popular throughout so many cultures. There are different ways to set this up, but generally speaking, guests pay money to dance with the bride. Some options of the collection include pinning the bills to her dress, and placing them in a special purse or bag. Or giving them to the maid of honor. This is a great way for the guests to help start a nest egg or give the couple some cash to spend as they please without giving cash as a wedding gift.

4. Clothing

Many brides from Latin American countries wear a light blue slip under their wedding dress. Men wear cummerbunds and ties, matching the bridesmaid’s dresses. Adorably, the flower girl and ring bearer are dressed like the bride and groom.Bride, Groom, and Mariachi Band

5. Colors

Not surprisingly, the bride usually chooses the wedding colors and everything is decorated in those colors. From the cake to the cars the party arrives into the pews and bridal path. Flowers and ribbons are popular options for decorating in those colors.


You didn’t think we’d forget this important step, did you? Hiring a is a great way to remind your guests of the beautiful Mexican heritage of which you or your family identify. It’s a great way to get live entertainment without breaking the bank, but while pleasing everyone. Guests love Mariachi , so why not give everyone a show! Dance the night away and let your love bloom like the flowers in your bouquet and table settings.

Mariachi at Your Spring Wedding

Thankfully, when it comes to , Mariachi Alegre de Tucson Arizona is the absolute expert in this field. Our mariachi band has played at countless weddings both in Tucson and in the surrounding areas and we actually pride ourselves in being the most experienced mariachi group in town. With an incredibly vast repertoire, we are able to turn any event into a proper celebration and a true Mexican fiesta. Being able to play over 2.000 songs, we guarantee that your guests will have the most amazing time of their lives and that your wedding will be a celebration that they will remember for years to come. There is no better way to celebrate the union of two young souls than with proper Mexican folk music, so you should hurry up and give us a call. You should also know that our prices are unbeatable and that we have the most affordable mariachi group in the area. All you have to do is give us a call and we will make sure to turn your wedding into a proper Mexican celebration.

What Songs will the Mariachi Band Perform at Your Spring Wedding?

The answer most often than not lies in the venue of the wedding. The songs we perform for Church weddings are different from the ones we perform in weddings held outside a Church environment. For instance, let’s assume the couple for whom we’re performing for, have their wedding in a Catholic Church, the song we will perform will come from the Flor Y Canto book. All the songs, including the mass, procession, even there from this book. The couples along with the Church’s musical/choir director can assist in picking the songs we will perform. They can also assist in picking the most conventional or traditional . It’s still the couple’s choice – under the Church’s guidelines. We may not be allowed to perform secular songs like Motivos, and Sosmos Novios inside the church, but as you exit, we may be allowed to play them. However, weddings held at venues outside a Church have a much wider range of songs we can play. We can perform secular music, and songs like “Solamante una Vez”, “Sosmos Novios”, “Motivos”, including “Hermoso Cariño” among other romantic . These are the we are most likely to perform at your wedding:

  • Novio Mia
  • El Son de la Negra
  • Que Bonito Amor
  • Gema
  • Si Nos Dejan
  • La Paloma
  • La Mitad Que Me Faltaba
  • Hasta Mi Final
  • Sabes Una Cosa
  • Que Chulada de Mujer
  • Contigo Aprendi
  • Yo Quiero Ser

Above all, it’s your day, your choice, and we will have it no other way. We are ready to rub our professional minds with yours to play songs you feel are suitable for your wedding. And will also stir up positive emotions in your guests. We understand how important your wedding is to you and we will offer only the best service, so your wedding day is a day worthy of remembrance.

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