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Top Mariachi Songs for Funerals

Top Mariachi Songs for Funerals

Many people assume that songs are exclusive to joyous events and celebrations. This is because mariachi songs involve upbeat sounds from high-pitched string instruments like violins and trumpets. This attribute makes it perfect for weddings and birthday parties. 

However, you can play mariachi songs to set the mood for the passing of a loved one. Mariachi songs aren’t uncommon. There are a lot of these songs that are suitable for funerals or memorial services.  

13 Top Mariachi Songs for Funerals 

Before hiring a to play at the burial ceremony of a loved one, create your song list. Here are 13 top mariachi songs that will be ideal for a .

No Me Dígas Adíós from Dios Siempre Tiene el Control

This is a “happy” mariachi song. songs do not always have to be sad, especially if the deceased lived a full life. This song preaches hope. It expresses hope that the deceased is in a better place. . 

“Do not say goodbye but see you later

God determined that I am better in heaven.

Do not say goodbye, but see you later.

I have to go to a place where I will not suffer”, the song reads. 

Mis Ultimos Deseos from Mis Ultimos Deseos 

If you want to celebrate the life of your deceased loved one, consider this song. This upbeat mariachi funeral song encourages listeners to be happy and enjoy life until their last day.

Tengo Madre from 16 Bandazos de Oro  

Are you looking for a song that captures the importance of a mother and her irreplaceable loss? Tengo Madre is that song. You can also play this bittersweet song at the funeral of a grandmother. The lyrics of the song say:

“I’m happy

very happy at your side

I have a mother

who cries for me.”

Mi Novia Se Me Está Poniendo Vieja from Independiente 

This is another suited for the funeral or memorial service of a mother or grandmother. The speaker in the song describes his mother in beautiful words that evoke deep reflection. Translated into English, the song’s last stanza reads: 

“And although the analogy is already so obvious, 

You will know that I am speaking about you, mom.”

A La Sombra De Mi Madre from Independiente 

This is a sorrowful song that sings the praises of a special woman. As you rightly guessed, it is best sung at the funeral of a mother. One stanza reads:

“If ever mother

You are going to heaven

Take me dear mother

Do not leave me 

Do not leave me

I love you.” 

Mi Viejo from Mi Viejo 

Mi Viejo or My Old Man is a mariachi funeral song for a father or grandfather. It describes the weight and pain fathers bear during their lifetime. 

The piece includes a stanza that reads:

“I have the new years

And my father has the old years

He carries the pain inside

And its history is timeless.”

Que Falta Me Hace Mi Padre from 15 Exitos Con Banda 

The speaker in this song uses simple but beautiful words to describe the loss of a father. It talks about how one misses a father. The lyrics include: 

“He showed me how to work

he advised me to be a decent man,

he showed me the right path

and to live like everyone else.”

Cuando Yo Quería Ser Grande from Alejandro Fernández 

If you’ve lost a father who was old, you would remember how difficult it was to watch him age. This song expresses this struggle through its lyrics.  

The last stanza translates:

“When your steps grow weak

I want to be the one that takes care of them,

for now give me your arm

and we’ll see what it is you have to say to me.”

Cuando Un Amigo Se Va from Coincidencias 

If you preferred a slow and sad mariachi funeral song, consider this song. Cuando Un Amigo Se Va describes the pain of losing a friend to death. It is appropriate for a friend’s funeral. You can also play it at the funeral of family members. 

A part of the song reads:

“When a friend goes away

galloping his destination,

the soul begins to vibrate

because it is filled with cold.”

Amor Eterno from Amor Eterno: Los Éxitos 

The title of this song translates to Love Eternal. It is a song about the death or loss of a spouse, partner, or lover. The first line reads:

“You are the sadness in my eyes.

That weeps in silence for your love.”

Déjame Ir from Trece

Andrés Cepeda’s Déjame Ir is best suited for the funeral of a partner or lover. This is because it is about the loss of romantic love. While it may describe the end of a relationship for a reason other than death, it is also appropriate for funerals. 

El Amor De Mi Vida from Ricky Martin

This is tricky. However, you can still categorize it under mariachi funeral songs. It is tricky because technically it might not be a . It might refer to a breakup. However, it could also refer to the loss of a loved one caused by death. 

Las Golondrinas from En Vivo Para Ti 

The Swallow, as this song translates, is another sad suitable for funerals. This traditional Mexican song is traditionally used to show sadness at the end of a project. When used at funerals, it symbolizes the spirit of the person rising towards heaven. This song also comforts the bereaved. 

Te Vas Angel Mio from 20 Exitos 

This song is about a lover who has lost faith in life because of the death of his partner. One stanza reads:

“But there when you come back you will not find me here

You will go to my grave and there you will pray for me

You will see some letters written there

with the name and date

and the day I died.” 

Why Are Mariachi Songs Important at Funerals? 

Mariachi songs enable us to honor our loved ones’ lives as we say our last goodbyes. Families who have opted for mariachi funeral songs have found it comforting when the emotions were high.  

Hire Us 

You need an experienced band to perform any of these songs at the funeral of a loved one. You need us! We are a top-grade in Tuscon, Arizona. We perform Mariachi songs for many events, including funerals. 

Reach us today for inquiries and bookings. Don’t forget to book in advance to secure our band for your date.

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