What We Play At Your Wedding

//What We Play At Your Wedding

What We Play At Your Wedding

We get asked this question a lot and that very understandable. What we don’t understand though is why some bands find it hard or – unbelievably – take offense at being asked this question. I mean these couples are just concerned for the most important day of their lives. They want it to be perfect and, actually they don’t know you that well, all they’ve got is other people’s views of you, what they need is reassurance from you.

Beautiful Wedding

Beautiful Wedding

Well, back to the question

What song will you perform at the wedding? The answer most often than not lies in the venue if the wedding.

The songs we perform for Church weddings are different from the ones we perform in weddings held outside a Church environment.

For instance, let’s assume the couple for whom we’re performing for, have their wedding in a Catholic Church, the song we will perform will come from the Flor Y Canto book. All the songs, including the mass, procession, even the re from this book. The couples along with the Church’s musical/choir director can assist in picking the songs we will perform. They can also assist in picking the most conventional or traditional mariachi songs. It’s still the couple’s choice – under the Church’s guidelines. We may not be allowed to perform secular songs like Motivos, and Sosmos Novios inside the church, but as you exit, we may be allowed to play them.

However, weddings held at venues outside a Church have a much wider range of songs we can play. We can perform secular music, and songs like “Solamante una Vez”, “Sosmos Novios”, “Motivos”, including “Hermoso Cariño” among others romantic mariachi songs.

These are the Mariachi songs we are most likely to perform at your wedding:

  • Novio Mia
  • El Son de la Negra
  • Que Bonito Amor
  • Gema
  • Si Nos Dejan
  • La Paloma
  • La Mitad Que Me Faltaba
  • Hasta Mi Final
  • Sabes Una Cosa
  • Que Chulada de Mujer
  • Contigo Aprendi
  • Yo Quiero Ser

Above all, it’s your day, your choice and we will have it no other way. We are ready to rub our professional minds with yours to play songs you feel are suitable for your wedding. And will also stir up positive emotions in your guests.

We understand how important your wedding is to you and we will offer only the best service so your wedding day is a day worthy of remembrance.

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