Mariachi: Not just for Quinceañeras anymore!

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Mariachi: Not just for Quinceañeras anymore!

mariachi-band-tucson-arizonaPicture a Mariachi band in your head. Close your eyes and let your brain recreate the scene where you first saw one perform. It was a joyous event with friends and family laughing and having a great time, I bet. This is what we strive for at Mariachi Alegre de Tucson. Our bands are guaranteed to satisfy your every musical needs for your events.

A Mexican tradition since the 19th century, Mariachi groups represent the celebration of life, change, and masculinity. The themes of their music range from history, love, and even death, meaning there is no event a Mariachi band cannot be asked to perform. Weddings and parties are obviously a cause for celebration, but that does not mean the end of the wonderful life of a loved one should not receive the same treatment. This style of music represents the pivotal points in life and moments of major change, so let the parties begin!

In many cultures, death of a loved one becomes solemn and somber. Chances are, our loved ones would rather be remembered beautifully, than be memorialized through the sadness of a traditional funeral. The celebration of life is just as important—if not more so—than the acknowledgement of their passing. Too many of us focus on churches and dressing in black when thinking about death when we should be keeping those who have passed in our hearts and memories, wishing them luck in a better place.

Mariachi music is a great way to bring and keep people together. In Mexican culture, different generations can usually bond over the traditional music of their heritage, which explains how it has lasted throughout centuries. Furthermore, as stated on our website “the music and spirit of the deceased will continue,” so hiring a Mariachi band makes complete sense, to properly honor our friends and family who grew up with the wonderful traditional music.

Upon hiring Mariachi Alegre De Tucson for any event, including a funeral, you will be paying for a professional band which has been playing for 40 years on behalf of various occasions. We perform at wakes, funerals and burials, as well as the more commonly known reunions, birthdays, weddings, or any other event you can think of. We will treat you and your loved ones (no matter the occasion) with respect, honor, and dignity, and we will be more than happy to make your events memorable and special year round.

Similarly, if you want to honor someone, alive or passed, we offer great prices on our serenatas among our other services.

Pricing, for a 2 hour service package deal:

In town: $450
Out of town: $650 (must be at least 2 hours)

$235 for 6-8 songs.

Also available for holidays and corporate functions.

For more questions, feel free to contact us at (520) 981-3459.

Also, check out our video library to get a feeling for how we perform and if we are the right fit for your events this summer!

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