Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring a Mariachi Band for Quince

//Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring a Mariachi Band for Quince

Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring a Mariachi Band for Quince

Music choice in any occasion plays the lead role in determining the mood of the attendees. Food comes second. That’s why there’s no excuse to place little priority on the kind of Mariachi band that graces the atmosphere in your Quinceanera. Make your day feel like the coronation of a princess by following the guidelines shared in this article to do good business with your Mariachi band.

Before you hire…

First step before booking is to learn about the entire live music package. You should know if any extra charges are placed on the contract so you won’t have financial constraints after the occasion.

When will the Mariachi Band arrive?

The Mariachi band will normally arrive the venue about an hour before the start time. During this preparation time, they dress up, set up their gear, make necessary sound arrangements, tune-up and probably do final rehearsals. Then they will play the first set when the guests begin arriving the venue and then they’ll take a break. During dinnertime they’ll play the second set. But when the agreed time has expired, they’ll have to leave. Because that’s how a contract works.

How much does a Mariachi cost?

About the payment for the service, the cost varies. This depends on the popularity of the band, their experience and how many musicians make up the band. Some bands can be as small as 3 people, others can have up to 11 musicians. So their cost ranges around $250 per hour. Another factor that affects the cost is the day of the week they’re playing. It’s cheaper on Sundays to Thursdays than on Fridays and Saturdays. So if you’re limited to a certain amount of money, you may want to consider adjusting the date to fit your budget. But if you call and order during this season, Mariachi alegre de Tucson will fix you up for a reduced rate of $225 per hour. That’s so little for a band with 40 years experience and 1000+ songs in memory.

How do you book a Mariachi?

You can book a Mariachi band online or offline. You can reach them online via their website or phone call. Or you can reach them offline by calling at their office. When you receive a quote from their agent, review it with your parents. Once you’ve decided to go on with it, their agent will require you to make a deposit and give you details about the schedule and logistics. You’ll also receive a receipt and a contract. Study the contract carefully before signing to ensure you are on the same page with the band. Remember to call them some time before your Quince to confirm that everything is still on track.

What should you provide a Mariachi?

Remember to take care of your musicians. Make sure they have what they need for a successful and splendid performance. Some bands will require a changing room before your Quince begins. Give them that, a mirror and enough space to set themselves up. Then provide them with water and soft drinks during their performance to keep them refreshed.

Another point to note is that the band may require special equipment from you. You should discuss this with them beforehand. A public address system is an example of a special equipment a Mariachi band may require.

Do all these and you can count on an excellent band such as Mariachi alegre de Tucson to deliver the musical magic to make your Quinceanera feel like your coronation.

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