Graduations are around the corner. Your teenagers are prepping for college life and getting ready to be part of the work force. It’s quite an achievement you know, some of their mates couldn’t make it that far for one reason or another but your kids did. Therefore, a party great or small can display how proud you are of their progress and give them the needed motivation to take the next step and make you even more proud them.


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Bring the family and your graduates friends by for a large party to celebrate this awesome achievement. Hire a mariachi for ambient music and great music to dance to! Watch your graduates enjoy a night with friends and relatives and hold on to that memory for soon they’ll be in college or working full time and before you know it they’ll be full blown adults living with a family of their own. Throw a party and remind them of their culture (or at least the culture of the great state of Arizona, combining Mexican and American for generations!)

College graduates will be itching to celebrate their Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, and higher with friends, family, and colleagues. So surprise your college grad with a large party with amazing music (provided by our Mariachi, of course), food, and people they love!

If you’re the college grad and you want to throw a big party you should go for it! Go all out, you only graduate college once (unless you go back for a higher or second degree) so celebrate with everyone, especially those who helped you get to where you are today. So before you dive head first into the work place with your new degree at your side you should live a little. Hire a Mariachi and dance the night away. No one will be sitting still or think the night is boring with our performers at your party. Not only will they provide amazing music with minimal acoustic equipment but they’ll also treat you like long time friends and family, interacting with guests, taking requests, and being respectful the entire time.

Graduating is always a special time and a hallmark in anyone’s life whether kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, or any level of college/university. As a college grad, you know you’ve worked pretty hard for that degree – it most certainly is an accomplishment – why not throw a party and invite your family and friends to share in your joy. The party doesn’t have be a grand event, but if it must, go ahead. You can also collaborate with other college graduates and their families and split the cost among yourselves. Mariachi Alegre de Tucson would also love to celebrate with you and supply you with the perfect music for the event. It will be a night to remember!

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