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Thanksgiving 2017 and Mariachi Band

Published on November 18, 2017 by in Mariachi Band

Thanksgiving is just a few short days away. Are you throwing a party this weekend? If not, you should rethink that decision and celebrate the four-day-weekend with the best party of the year. Thanksgiving is a day for Americans to get together and remember the stories of the “first” Thanksgiving, mostly ignoring much of the actual history. Smart Americans take this as a day to be thankful for everything we have (shelter, food, family, friends, employment, etc) and share the appreciation with those around you.

Why American Thanksgiving?

You may be wondering why we’d talk about AMERICAN Thanksgiving since we’re a Mariachi band. The answer is simple: Because we can. Well, it’s less simple than that. The real reason is that our Mexican heritage and tradition is part of who we are, but we’re all still Americans. Besides, the world needs more excuses to thank those around us and be grateful for what we have that people in other countries might not.

So, consider our services to your parties this weekend. Have a left-over buffet for your neighbors and hire a Mariachi band to get everyone excited—dance off some of those extra calories from the endless days of turkey leftovers. Combine the beautiful Mexican traditions with the great American food and holidays. Let’s start uniting cultures one at a time.

Entertainment for Thanksgiving

If you’re not looking for entertainment this Thanksgiving weekend, do keep us in mind for the upcoming Christmas parties. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, call us for a Hanukah, Kwanza, or Solstice event. We all need more excuses to party, so this holiday season why not make up a holiday or just celebrate the togetherness the Fall and Winter evokes. Start planning your Christmas parties now and reserve our wonderful services for the most fun holiday parties on your block.

If you’re wanting to throw an office or family Christmas party, act soon. If you start with your Christmas parties in early December you should have high attendance numbers due to the lower number of competing parties. Or you can set the date now and let the word out you have the best Mariachi group around performing so everyone will prioritize your party.

Ideas for Mexico-inspired delicacies this Thanksgiving

For some ideas as to what food to serve for your upcoming Mexico-inspired holiday parties, check out recipes here and elsewhere on the internet. Keep it fun, keep it festive, and keep everyone entertained with Mariachi Alegre de Tucson. Any party can be improved with the right band: and we are always that right band. Ask us about our festive music selections or suggest songs from your childhood or that you’ve come across. We’ll always do our best to keep you coming back.

At Mariachi Alegre de Tucson, we all wish you a happy Thanksgiving, from the bottom of our hearts. Stay safe.

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Turn Your Quinceanera to a Full-blown Fiesta

Summer began quite some time ago. And along with it, there started a series of celebrations. From weddings to birthdays, graduation parties, baptisms and of course quinceaneras. Although summer is over and we are well into autumn, you should know that the quinceanera season is in full bloom. This means that you should be expecting to be invited to several such celebrations until fall.




We all know just how important a quinceanera can be, both for the birthday girl and for her family. It is basically the ceremony that says she is getting closer and closer to becoming an adult and that she has already started her journey in womanhood. Of course, every quinceanera comes not only with presents and a lot of fun but with extra responsibilities as well. However, when talking about a celebration nobody actually wants to hear about responsibilities, but about having fun and even meeting new and interesting people. After all, the quinceanera celebration also signifies that the girl is now old enough to date and make her own choices.

Tips for a Memorable Quinceanera

Now that we have decided that the quinceanera season is not over yet, here are a few tips that might help you throw the most amazing quinceanera in the whole neighborhood. The first thing you need to do is talk to the birthday girl. No matter if you are her mother, aunt, sister or cousin, you need to get her opinion and see exactly what she would like. There often so happens that the poor girl is forced to comply with whatever her family wants or expects of her, that she does not even enjoy the celebration. So that is the first thing you need to do. Ask her everything about decorations, food, drinks and even the guest list.

Prepare for the Big Day


Now that you have her blessing, all you have to do is make sure that everything is prepared for the big day. Make sure that you have enough food, drinks, and ice. You should also make sure to contact Mariachi Alegre de Tucson Arizona as soon as possible. Having a mariachi band at a quinceanera is almost a tradition, and you wouldn’t want to end up having to listen to bad quality music and have your guests sit on their chairs all day.

Mariachi Alegre de Tucson

Mariachi Alegre de Tucson Arizona is definitely the right choice not only for quinceaneras. But for every occasion when you need high-quality music. Our experienced musicians have an incredibly vast repertoire of over 2000 songs. And we pride ourselves on being the best mariachi group in Arizona. More than that, our prices are unbeatable. We guarantee that you will not be able to find another mariachi band with lower rates. All you have to do is give us a call. And we will make sure to turn your celebration into a full-blown fiesta.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring a Mariachi Band for Quince

Published on November 5, 2017 by in Mariachi Band

Music choice in any occasion plays the lead role in determining the mood of the attendees. Food comes second. That’s why there’s no excuse to place little priority on the kind of Mariachi band that graces the atmosphere in your Quinceanera. Make your day feel like the coronation of a princess by following the guidelines shared in this article to do good business with your Mariachi band.

Before you hire…

First step before booking is to learn about the entire live music package. You should know if any extra charges are placed on the contract so you won’t have financial constraints after the occasion.

When will the Mariachi Band arrive?

The Mariachi band will normally arrive the venue about an hour before the start time. During this preparation time, they dress up, set up their gear, make necessary sound arrangements, tune-up and probably do final rehearsals. Then they will play the first set when the guests begin arriving the venue and then they’ll take a break. During dinnertime they’ll play the second set. But when the agreed time has expired, they’ll have to leave. Because that’s how a contract works.

How much does a Mariachi cost?

About the payment for the service, the cost varies. This depends on the popularity of the band, their experience and how many musicians make up the band. Some bands can be as small as 3 people, others can have up to 11 musicians. So their cost ranges around $250 per hour. Another factor that affects the cost is the day of the week they’re playing. It’s cheaper on Sundays to Thursdays than on Fridays and Saturdays. So if you’re limited to a certain amount of money, you may want to consider adjusting the date to fit your budget. But if you call and order during this season, Mariachi alegre de Tucson will fix you up for a reduced rate of $225 per hour. That’s so little for a band with 40 years experience and 1000+ songs in memory.

How do you book a Mariachi?

You can book a Mariachi band online or offline. You can reach them online via their website or phone call. Or you can reach them offline by calling at their office. When you receive a quote from their agent, review it with your parents. Once you’ve decided to go on with it, their agent will require you to make a deposit and give you details about the schedule and logistics. You’ll also receive a receipt and a contract. Study the contract carefully before signing to ensure you are on the same page with the band. Remember to call them some time before your Quince to confirm that everything is still on track.

What should you provide a Mariachi?

Remember to take care of your musicians. Make sure they have what they need for a successful and splendid performance. Some bands will require a changing room before your Quince begins. Give them that, a mirror and enough space to set themselves up. Then provide them with water and soft drinks during their performance to keep them refreshed.

Another point to note is that the band may require special equipment from you. You should discuss this with them beforehand. A public address system is an example of a special equipment a Mariachi band may require.

Do all these and you can count on an excellent band such as Mariachi alegre de Tucson to deliver the musical magic to make your Quinceanera feel like your coronation.

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Published on October 31, 2017 by in Mariachi Band

Graduations are around the corner. Your teenagers are prepping for college life and getting ready to be part of the work force. It’s quite an achievement you know, some of their mates couldn’t make it that far for one reason or another but your kids did. Therefore, a party great or small can display how proud you are of their progress and give them the needed motivation to take the next step and make you even more proud them.


High School

Bring the family and your graduates friends by for a large party to celebrate this awesome achievement. Hire a mariachi for ambient music and great music to dance to! Watch your graduates enjoy a night with friends and relatives and hold on to that memory for soon they’ll be in college or working full time and before you know it they’ll be full blown adults living with a family of their own. Throw a party and remind them of their culture (or at least the culture of the great state of Arizona, combining Mexican and American for generations!)

College graduates will be itching to celebrate their Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, and higher with friends, family, and colleagues. So surprise your college grad with a large party with amazing music (provided by our Mariachi, of course), food, and people they love!

If you’re the college grad and you want to throw a big party you should go for it! Go all out, you only graduate college once (unless you go back for a higher or second degree) so celebrate with everyone, especially those who helped you get to where you are today. So before you dive head first into the work place with your new degree at your side you should live a little. Hire a Mariachi and dance the night away. No one will be sitting still or think the night is boring with our performers at your party. Not only will they provide amazing music with minimal acoustic equipment but they’ll also treat you like long time friends and family, interacting with guests, taking requests, and being respectful the entire time.

Graduating is always a special time and a hallmark in anyone’s life whether kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, or any level of college/university. As a college grad, you know you’ve worked pretty hard for that degree – it most certainly is an accomplishment – why not throw a party and invite your family and friends to share in your joy. The party doesn’t have be a grand event, but if it must, go ahead. You can also collaborate with other college graduates and their families and split the cost among yourselves. Mariachi Alegre de Tucson would also love to celebrate with you and supply you with the perfect music for the event. It will be a night to remember!

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10 Terrific Reasons to have Mariachi at your Wedding

Published on October 28, 2017 by in Mariachi Band

June and Summer weddings were all the rave. But Fall weddings and even weddings in the cold and snow of winter can be equally awesome. Only if you know how to combine the elements and make them work for you.

Here is why Mariachi Bands are a great addition to a wedding:


1. Mariachi Bands are very romantic

1280px-Mexico_Showcase,_Epcot_(6068562614)You may not have known this, but we are going to let you in on our little secret.  Mariachi bands can be very romantic if you make sure that you have set up the venue and the timing to best showcase the band.  If you will, please picture the mariachi members dressed in their macho fitted suits with silver buttons gleaming.  Candles are lit, the light in the room is low, and, from out of nowhere comes the band playing the loveliest, most romantic, most heart-tugging love song in their repertoire.  As they begin to play, the bride and groom meet in the middle of the dance floor and begin to waltz while gazing into each other’s eyes.  Every lady in the audience will tear up and every camera will flash as guests take a picture of this beautiful, heart-warming moment.

2. Kill Boredom


Do you ever have that wedding nightmare in which all your guests are sitting at their respective tables at the reception and are beginning to look bored?  We know!  What could be worse than bored guests?  The only way to stop this recurring nightmare is to make sure that you have reserved your mariachi band for the reception.  Sometimes the band leader can tell you about mariachi dance groups in the area.  If they have any contacts, a dancer or two is a great way to get folks up on the dance floor.  Even without a dancer to prime the pump, once the mariachi music starts, it is the rare person who can resist the happy, enthusiastic sound of the music played by a mariachi band.  It’s an instant party starter.

3. Conversation starter

If you have a lot of guests who don’t know each other, mariachi can be one of the best conversation starters ever.  The gaiety and happiness of the music and the friendly and out-going members of the band make people want to get to know each other.  Mariachi “breaks the ice“.

4. No need for amplification

Since a mariachi band is small and does not need any sort of amplification, the price for their services often comes in lower than the price for other entertainment groups.

5. Engage the Children

Weddings are fun for everyone, including kids.  You would be surprised at how quickly the children will hop onto the dance floor and join in the dancing.  It’s instinctive.  It’s organic.  They can’t help themselves.  They will be the life of the party.

6. Play any song at your Wedding

Mariachi bands, especially Mariachi Alegre de Tucson, can play just about any traditional and contemporary song that you throw at them.

7. Everybody is part of the party

If you are having a seated dinner, the mariachi can stroll among the tables and serenade your guests, and you, as you all enjoy your meal together.

8. Make Pictures better

A great idea is to have the mariachi band play while you are taking your church pictures.  Letting them warm up the guests and pass the time while you are being photographed seems like a win-win, don’t you think?  Margaritas included, of course.

9. Basically Fun

A mariachi band is fun.  It’s a no-brainer.  A mariachi band is just fun!


10. We are close to you

You have one of the best Mariachi Bands in the country right here in your very own town.  They are Mariachi Alegre de Tucson, and they are experienced, responsible, talented, great showmen, authentic, and easy to contact.

villa hermosa 81913

Call (520) 981-3459 Today!

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Include Mariachi Alegre de Tucson

Published on October 22, 2017 by in Mariachi Band

There are many occasions to which you can invite Mariachi Alegre de Tucson to play for you and we would be glad to do that. First, we’ll look at the various occasions you can hire our services.


In Mexico, when there is a celebration, it is called a Fiesta. Just like parties in the United States, a fiesta has music, dancing, good food, colorful decorations, and celebration. A festival or holiday can be called a fiesta, as well. In Mexico, some of the holidays are statutory, which means everyone who works gets the day off.

These holidays usually have to do with the founding of the nation of Mexico. Civic holidays have to do with anniversaries, days of remembrance, and days to honor the country’s symbols. In addition to the civic and statutory holidays, there are, of course, religious festivals.

Parades, Costumes, Parties: Carnival!

These are dates that are important to the Catholic church. In all festivals, there is a time for parades, dancing, music, and fireworks. Also, the parades are called street processions, or, in Spanish, Posadas. There is also a time of year that is called Carnival. During this time there are parades, costumes, parties, As you can see, the fiestas in Mexico are great fun and they come around very often. There aren’t quite as many fiesta times here in the United States. But, there are many parties, graduations, celebrations, and weddings.


If you want your next party to be off the charts, think about adding a mariachi band to the mix. You’ll be glad you did. The mariachi band adds a new level of celebrating to the party. In most mariachi bands there are some guitars, a trumpet, some violins, and lots and lots of singing.

Get the dancing shoes on

Last week we were at a graduation party

Now, we don’t want you to think that a mariachi band is shy. We don’t want you to think that a mariachi band is timid. Let’s just say that when a mariachi band begins to play, you can hear them loud and clear. You not only hear them, you immediately want to get up and start dancing. If you are not the dancing type, you will want to start tapping your toes. You will feel your insides start to bubble, and it will feel as if your heart is laughing. Maybe you could say that Mariachi singing and playing is contagious. You certainly will not be able to ignore it.

In the old days, only men made up mariachi bands. And they wore black cotton pants and white cotton shirts, with a kind of farm hat made of straw. Today they wear beautiful cowboy suits with silver buttons and a black hat with a broad, flat brim. Today, there are often women in the mariachi bands.

Mariachi Alegre de Tucson

fiesta band

We hope that for your next event, celebration, party, festival, or fiesta, you will remember the Mariachi Alegre de Tucson, and allow us to assist you in making your gathering a joyful one. As George Bejarano likes to say, “We know how to get a party going”. From that first guitar strum to the last note on the trumpet, your guests will be delighted and invigorated by this wonderful time together!

In last week’s article, we said that all of us from Mariachi Alegre de Tucson love what we do and are more than excited to be hired to perform for your listening pleasure. That remains 100% true.

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True Fiesta-themed Homecoming & Reunion Parties

Published on October 16, 2017 by in Mariachi Band

villa hermosa 81913As fall goes into full swing, you may want to consider a class reunion during “Homecoming” time! As far as family reunions go, some may opt for a late October gathering. Probably on the same week as Halloween. Today we’ll talk about ways you can make your reunion of any kind a little more fun. Regardless of your background, ancestry, or skills, this post will definitely help.

More Fun for Reunions and Homecoming this 2017

  1. True Fiesta Themed! Any reunion can be made fun for everyone by thinking of the classic fiestas! Mariachi, homemade Mexican food, piñatas, Mexican candy, and more! Kids will love hitting a papier-mâché animal with sticks, only for it to explode into candy. No birthday party required!
  2. Mexico and its people thrive on togetherness! The family is very important to most South American families, so what better way to remind your friends and loved ones of the beautiful history and tradition of Mexico than a Mariachi band, some good food, and the company of others?
  3. Affordable, professional, and entertaining music can be easily found via Mariachi Alegre de Tucson. Our performers are at your service at fair prices and every performance is different. You can also request certain themes of clothing, song choices etc. And in most cases, guests can give us song requests on the spot! Our performers have a vast repertoire including many classics, some contemporary pieces and more. Also, if you have anything specific in mind (and time allows it) we can learn almost anything for your birthday or gathering.
  4. Mariachi Alegre De Tucson ArizonaBright colors are so fun! A lot of Mexican-styled decorations feature bold colors, basic shapes, intricate designs, and a focus on fun!
  5. Take inspiration from festivals! Set up a costume contest, parade of kids, party games, and maybe bring in a brief recognition of a saint! You can choose to celebrate any number of Catholic saints, including the “Saint of the Day” as found on some websites. You can even remember the Saints of families (Francis of Assisi, Joseph, and Macimillian, for example), or any number of saints regarding family and friends (examples found here).

Homecoming & Reunion Parties with Mariachi Alegre de Tucson

If you’re planning a reunion of any kind, be it of college friends, in honor of a high school or college graduation, or family members, don’t forget to call and schedule yourself a Mariachi band. You will have a party no one will forget! As a reminder, the Class of 2007 may want to consider a 10 year anniversary! Families who don’t get together every year may want to consider celebrations every 5 or 10 years. So it’s easy numbers to remember! 2017 is the perfect time to start a new tradition! Get back in touch with your friends or family and let’s get to party planning! Mariachi Alegre de Tucson would love to be a part of your family for an afternoon. And we will treat you as we would our own family members.

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Mariachi for Serenades, Quinceanera & Parties today

Published on October 9, 2017 by in Mariachi Band

Many people living in the U.S. have heard Mariachi music at least once. The harmony of the instruments and tenderness of the performance of this type of music is so nice. It moves even someone who is just hearing it for the first time. Even with this exposure, they don’t know some basic facts about Mariachi music. We will discuss this and also toss is few facts about Mariachi Alegre de Tucson.

Mariachi Alegre de Tucson in performance

Mariachi Alegre de Tucson in performance

A Brief History of Mariachi

Before the Spanish arrived Mexico, the indigenous Peoples created music for their religious events. They used rattles, drums, reed and clay flutes, and conch-shell horn. When the Spanish introduced Christianity to Mexico, the indigenous mestizos and Indians were also introduced to musical instruments imported from Europe. Which included violins, guitars and harps, brass horns, and woodwinds. Over time the natives began to merge their own unique creativity with these musical instruments and modified it to suit their taste.

Mariachi Spanish roots

The Spanish introduced the concept of musical groups usually consisting of two violins, one harp, and guitars. The indigenes immediately adopted it and this gave rise to Mexican folk music. One of the popular musical styles was the son. Son musical style featured strings instruments and had varieties. The variety popular in the Jalisco area of Mexico was son jaliscence. This son jaliscence is what is now known as Mariachi.

Mariachi are street musicians that perform with violins, trumpets, and guitars. These musicians normally dress in traditional outfits that consist of smart suits. They can play a huge variety of music, both traditional and modern, in their own special style.

Some may not have heard, but Mariachi Music has been singled out by the United Nations’ education and cultural organization, UNESCO, to be listed on the intangible cultural heritage list.

Mariachi Serenade

One of the most important functions of the Mariachi Band, at least in Mexico, is to serenade a gentleman’s sweetheart. In the Mexican culture, not so long ago, young men and women have usually kept apart from one another. The gentleman who wanted to court the lovely lady of his dreams would hire the Mariachi singers to serenade his loved one, as a sort of musical love note.

Mariachi Quinceanera

When a young girl has her fifteenth birthday, she celebrates a Quinceanera. This is normally a party to celebrate her step into womanhood. There are extravagant parties, plenty of food, gifts for the festejada and for all the guests, and the Mariachi Band. This is another great opportunity for serenading with beautiful songs about love, sadness, and, in general, songs that touch the heart. Mariachi Alegre de Tucson is always a good choice for a quinceanera party. Because their repertoire is so extensive, the party, which often goes on for hours, will never run out songs requested by the birthday girl, her friends, and the party’s guests.

You can find three-men mariachis, in Mexico City. There are on Plaza Garibaldi, and in Guadalajara at Plaza de los Mariachis. And are ever present to be hired for serenading, especially on Mothers’ Day. Most citizens of Mexico also expect the presence of a Mariachi Band at any large party or event.

Mariachi Alegre de Tucson

It’s a lot like that in Arizona, as well. Mariachi Alegre de Tucson is ready and willing to set aside a date for your next party, fiesta, wedding, mass, or quinceanera. Once you set the date, call (520) 981-3459. And George Bejarano will set aside the date. Then he will ask for any special instructions. And be there exactly when you have asked him to have the band at your event.

Some Mariachi Terms to know

Familiarize yourself with some of the terms in the Mariachi world:

Traje de Charro – the well-fitting suit with silver buttons, and embroidery, the soft tie, and the wide-brimmed sombrero.

Jarabe Tapatio – (Mexican Hat Dance), is the national folk dance.

Typical instruments used in mariachi are – violin, guitarrón (a large, deep-bodied, bass guitar), Guitarra de golpe (guitar with a lower pitch than the vihuela), vihuela (guitar with six double strings), guitar, trumpet, and, occasionally, a harp.

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Mariachi Band For Hire for Any Event this October

Mariachi music spices up events. Mariachi bands with their characteristic charro costume. Our traditional tightly fitted woolen pants, intricately embroidered waist-length jackets and wide sombrero hats style up a party.  

If you want your guests to laugh, sing and feel real essence, life and the true emotional climate of your event, mariachi music supplied by Mariachi Alegre de Tucson is what you need. If you listen to our music, it is almost impossible not to be emotional, happy, satisfied, or in tears.

Mariachi Band For Weddings

“Mariachi Alegre was very punctual. They mingled and played all my guests requests. They worked well with my wedding planner at skyline club Tucson. She coordinated all the music and events Mariachi George was very flexible in working with my planner. I would love to hire them again.”  – Mr. and Mrs. Huerta 

As you can see, our reputation precedes us. Mr. and Mrs. Huerta along with their guests were very satisfied with our performance on their wedding. Not only did we deliver an outstanding performance, we worked very cordially with their wedding planner. Evidently, we work well in a team. 

We have a collection of music that will cause the atmosphere of your wedding. Your wedding will be one of celebration, cheerfulness, and gladness. The sweet vibrations of our string instruments and the harmonious rhythms of our brass and woodwind instruments all blend together to create melodious mariachi music. This beautiful sound will send everyone to the dance floor to join you in celebrating your union.

Mariachi Band for Quinceañera Celebrations

At the age of 15, a girl celebrates a Quince. It is similar to a birthday celebration but deeper and more special than a birthday celebration. Celebrating birthdays is something we do every year. But quinceañera is once in a girls life. So, you see it has to be very different from a birthday party.

If you have a daughter who’s about to turn fifteen, setting up this celebration can mean a lot to her. It’s a day unlike any other when you show her how much you’re proud of her progress, growth, and accomplishments. Invite Mariachi Alegre de Tucson to make her day even more memorable.

Mariachi Band for Masses and Funerals and Wakes

At Mariachi Alegre de Tucson, we understand your feelings and empathize and sympathize with you and your family. We understand that losing a loved one can be very tough on the family. It is almost impossible to fill the void it creates.  

Mariachi Alegre is attentive to your needs. We will work with you by offering:

  • Affordable rates
  • Excellent customer service
  • Follow-ups with emphasis on detail

Now, we are the best band to play songs which not only express your feelings but provide comfort. Thi is because we are well versed in song selections that pertain to masses for funerals and wake.

Mariachi Alegre members have played all over the United States. Including some big festivals like the Milwaukee Summerfest, Indianapolis Festival and internationally in the Scotland Edinburgh Music Festival.

We can travel within the United States with ease. And can travel outside of US with advance notice. We are very professional and punctual. Call us today at 520-981-3459 and make your early bookings.
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Stun Your Fall Wedding Guests With Mariachi

What’s all the fuss about weddings in Fall?

A lot is put into consideration when, the date, decorations, meals, signature drink, venue, guest, and most of all the weather. But all preparations and considerations are pretty much made for you by the season, Falls. How does Mariachi come in? Let’s shed some light on this.

Perfect weather conditions

Personally, I consider fall to be the twilight of seasons. Think about it. The period where summer slowly evens out into winter. This is the time the heat and the cold find a common ground (just as day and night find a common ground in twilight) to give us that quintessential temperature we can neither sweat profusely nor shiver with cold. Your venue is easily planned for you; it’s definitely going to be outdoors! The golden hue provided by the sun makes for awesome and breathtaking wedding photographs.

Mother Nature, The Ultimate Decorator

Talk about the scenery! In the form of colorful leaves in fall, Mother Nature has made all the necessary minimalist yet stimulating and stunning decorations you will need to tie the knot with your significant other! And that’s your decoration already taken care of.

Your guests are sure to be in attendance

By this time everyone is up and about and just done with their vacations. Unlike in summer when your wedding is most likely to clash with some of your guests’ family vacation, your wedding in fall makes sure that a lot of your invited guests will be in attendance. There’s also the unlikely event of your wedding coinciding with the those of other couples, there’ll be little or no ‘competition’ for your guests. This won’t have been possible in summer when loads of weddings held.

Wedding in the fall

Wedding in the fall

Your rings will love the light

Not to mention, the honey shade of the sun and the wonderful things it’ll do to your rings. Your rings will trap the light of the sun and sparkle from any angle


Crown it all with Mariachi Alegre de Tucson

Do you know what will make your wedding immensely spectacular? Are you open to suggestions you could use to give your occasion more juice and make your day really, really memorable? Mariachi! This type of music has always been the life force of every festive occasion, but being the music for romance yields the most satisfactory results at weddings!


Dating back to the 16th century, mariachi bands have been performing and gracing wedding ceremonies. And it keeps getting better! What amazing way to commemorate your wedding ceremony on a colorful fall day, surrounded by family, friends, and well-wishers than with the soft elegant melodies of Mariachi carefully handpicked by the best mariachi band in Arizona.

As earlier stated, fall has set all the right conditions for an amazing wedding. The mariachi blends so smoothly with the warm temperature, golden hue from the light of the sun, the stunning colors of fall, and the amazing backdrop of the colorful turning leaves offered by nature. My goodness! You couldn’t have asked for a perfect season for your wedding. You can agree that fall is a magical time to tie the knot with your sweetheart.

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