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Spice up your Wedding day with Mariachi

Ever imagined the sweet essence of Mariachi music enveloping the romantic atmosphere at your wedding? Imagination is one thing, reality is another. Mariachi Alegre de Tucson is that Mariachi band that bridges the gap between your imagination and reality when it comes to the magical and romantic Mariachi music in your wedding. 

Mariachi Weddings run deep in the Mexican culture

Mariachi Weddings run deep in the Mexican culture

Mariachi Band in Celebrations and Anniversaries

Mariachi Alegre de Tucson guarantees amazingly talented performers for every wedding, birthday, baptism, quinceañera, or other celebration! With spring beginning soon, it may be time to start finalizing those wedding plans, right? No more fighting about who to hire to perform or what music to play, by hiring our musicians you will have the best mariachi around on the most special day of your life. We work with every bride and groom to ensure the energy levels stay appropriate and all of your favorite mariachi tunes get played! We can even take requests in other cases! If you have a special song you want played, let us know and we’ll tell you if it’s in our repertoire or if we can learn it before your shindig.

Mariachi Alegre de Tucson: Bringing families together with music

Mariachi music can bring family members together, making it perfect for a wedding because the symbolism of two families joining is beautifully mirrored with an Arizona Mariachi group! Arizona has been heavily influenced by Mexican culture, so mariachi music is everywhere, and is perfect for all types of celebrations.

If you’re finally marrying your soul mate or you’re renewing your vows surrounded by your children, friends, and other family we can provide an authentic Mexican Mariachi experience, from the church mass through the reception and everything in between!
Impress your older family members by showing your love and appreciation of your Mexican heritage and have us play some of the classics your grandparents probably heard while introducing younger generations to this captivating style. Every day can be a history lesson, so let’s show these kids how to party in the timeless way our performers will encourage.

A large number of Mexican families have Catholic weddings, which means an elaborate (and sometimes lengthy) church mass filled with close to extended family, a ton of traditional rituals, a lot of prayer, and many symbols. Various points of these mass ceremonies encourage music accompaniment, which is where our services can come in! Lighten up the mood without sacrificing respect, tact, and tradition with our mariachi groups.

Mariachi Music in other Celebrations and Parties

Our services can also come in very handy for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and more! Any cause for celebration can be made a little better with a skilled Mariachi group! This wedding signifies a new time in your lives. You are starting a life together, with a bond that will last a lifetime, so celebrate it with all of your closest friends and relatives. Maybe you can even ask a close friend or family member to pay for the entertainment, taking one more thing off of your hands! Our performers can be hired for very understandable and reasonable prices, sometimes cheaper than hiring a DJ or renting speakers, a music player, and all of those other fancy bells and whistles. Keep it simple for a spring wedding with our help.

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Mariachi Band for Baptismals

Published on February 12, 2017 by in Mariachi Band

When February ends, the spring will be upon us. Spring is not only known for rebirth of vegetation, but it’s also popular for baptisms. At least in the Christian religion, March, April and May seem to be the most crowded months when it comes to baptisms. And to be honest, spring really is the best season choice. It almost has a metaphorical meaning – the rebirth of nature and the rebirth of children as Christians.

Baptism mass is better with good Mariachi music

Baptism mass is better with good Mariachi music

Baptisms can take place either in a church, or in the homes of the parents or other relatives. The service is usually short and it requires the participation of the parents, the child, of course, and the godparents. One other thing that most people don’t know is the fact that this service can be performed regardless of the age of the baptized person. It can be a child, but it might as well be an adult.

Mariachi Music in a Baptism ceremony

If you would like this service to be memorable not only for the parents and grandparents, then you should seriously consider booking a mariachi band. And if you are interested in booking a reliable and experienced mariachi band, then you should definitely not look any further. Mariachi Alegre de Tucson, Arizona is the most experienced and professional mariachi band in the area. We can surely turn any baptism service into an occasion that everybody remembers.

Our Mariachi band has a great respect for every Mass service and has always had a great relationship with all the churches in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. We can also guarantee that we can improve any Mass service with our live performance.

Hire a Mariachi Band for a Baptism Ceremony

We have had the pleasure of playing at countless other baptisms, weddings, parties and even funerals and we have over 1000 songs in our repertoire. These are the main reasons why Mariachi Alegre de Tucson, Arizona would be the perfect choice for you. We have taken part in countless similar services and we have always made sure to set a relaxing and fun mood. After all, a baptism is a great reason of celebration.

More than that, if you plan on having an after sermon party, then our mariachi band can surely liven up the mood with some amazing Mexican folk music. Live Mexican Folk music will always turn any gathering into a successful party. You too could turn an ordinary baptism into a memorable experience not only for the ones directly involved in the service, like the parents and godparents, but for everyone invited as well.

So if you are in need of a great mariachi band, then you should definitely not hesitate and give us a call. We look forward to turn this baptism into an unforgettable experience. However, you should keep in mind to book Mariachi Alegre de Tucson, Arizona in advance, so that you can make sure that we don’t already have other engagements.

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Hiring a Mariachi Band for Funerals

Published on February 5, 2017 by in Mariachi Band

Nobody anticipates planning a funeral. The death of a family member or friend is not a pleasant experience. But we know all beautiful things do come to an end eventually. You don’t deserve to be wracked by grief, pain, loss and at the same time the stress of planning a funeral. That isn’t a healthy load for a human being’s mental health. Which is why we are offering to help you check off Funeral music on the list of things to arrange for a funeral.

Mariachi music sets the mood for a memorable funeral

Mariachi music sets the mood for a memorable funeral

It’s a well-known Mexican tradition, that in the event of a loss of a loved one, to focus on the celebration of life instead of deep mourning. While mourning is a natural and necessary step of grieving, we owe it to those who have passed to remember them fondly and celebrate their lives and achievements, not just wear black and gather in silence. Hiring a Mariachi is a wonderful way to set that mood of celebration.
Any service which includes a Mass service can be improved with the right Mariachi group. Our set lists include songs for any occasion, even a funeral mass. While this is a celebration of life, there are still certain songs one expects for funeral services.

Hiring a Mariachi Band for Funerals

Hiring the performers at Mariachi Alegre de Tucson means you’re hiring a professional group of respectful musicians who will work with you to make sure this service is the best it can be. Our beautiful music will resonate with guests and hopefully stir up memories of those who have passed in a positive light. Let us help remind you and the attendees of the wonderful things your loved one(s) have done in their life and how each of them have been affected for the better because that person was in their life.

Welcome us into your family for a day to help send off a loved one to a better place. Funerals are for the dead, but they are also for the living, so keep that in mind.

Call to schedule our performers to attend any event you are planning, from holiday celebrations, birthdays, weddings, funerals, and more. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our professional musical skills as well as our ability to connect with guests—unless you want us to just blend into the background, that is. Make any gathering a celebration of life with the vibrant, cultural, historical, and beautiful music of a professional Mariachi.

Thank you for sticking with us all of these months and for hiring us to make your parties, celebrations, and gatherings special. As long as people love and appreciate this beautiful type of music, it will live on forever, like the memories of those who are no longer with us. Nothing truly dies until no one remembers it, so let’s keep the memories alive for generations to come!

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February 14: Plan for a Romantic Valentine’s Day 2017

Published on January 27, 2017 by in Mariachi Band


There’s a sad and touching legend about the 14th of February celebration. But we’re not about that today. Today we’re going to talk about how you can make your Valentine’s day this 2017 stand out among all your past Valentine’s day.

There are some awesome movies coming out this Valentine’s Day, but maybe you want to skip the Dinner-And-A-Movie trope and celebrate Valentine’s Day a little differently! Bring Mariachi Alegre de Tucson into your gatherings for Valentine’s Day to make your special someone feel extra special. Today we’re going to talk about some ways to celebrate this beautiful occasion and show your love in a new and interesting way!

  1. Serenade: Our performers can show up to your dinner-for-two at your home or a restaurant and serenade your special lady to make her feel like the only woman in the room– and the only woman you have eyes for! We have many options of a serenata under our belts for you to choose from, so your lover will receive a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Serenatas can also be a great way to surprise your parents on their dinner date, or you can have us serenade anyone you care about to show you’re thinking about them!
  2. Parties: Be it a Single’s Awareness Day gathering or a large group date or a family gathering, we’d love to bring our amazing music to your parties to keep everyone dancing and having a good time! You don’t even need an excuse to bring in a Mariachi for a party, but the classic red flare on Mariachi costumes is just begging to be in attendance of a Valentine’s Day party! So get to decorating! Bright colors and amazing food for Valentine’s Day sounds a lot better than sitting in a dark movie theater or moping around being single alone! Get some friends together and celebrate this holiday right– with everyone you care about.
  3. Act Fast: Don’t be among the last-minute planners! The sooner you book us, the sooner you’re guaranteed the best Mariachi around! Get to planning now and you won’t be sweating or acting suspicious come the days before February 14th! We’re just about 2 weeks away, and you don’t want to give us a call a week before the big day to find out we’re all booked, or you’re left with a less-than-perfect time slot!
  4. True Meaning of Valentine’s Day: Over the years, Valentine’s Day has turned into a holiday where men buy women candy and flowers, but the women do next to nothing in return! It’s also focused on romantic love, not the many types of love that are out there! Take this day to show friends, family, coworkers, and your romantic partner just how much you care. It’s not all about hearts and chocolate, it’s about appreciating what we do for each other. So, whether you hire us to serenade your sweetheart or entertain the masses, we’d love to help you spread the love this year, so let us into your homes, hearts, and lives.


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Beautiful Wedding Traditions and Mariachi Music

Published on January 22, 2017 by in Mariachi Band

There are over 7 billion people in the world and different groups of people come from different ethnic groups. These ethnic groups have their distinct culture and traditions. And that includes wedding traditions. It’s no news that modernization and civilization has made some of these traditions to lose their significance. In other words, these traditions stand for something or serve a certain purpose, but has eroded away over time. Although most people believe them to be outdated, there are still couples who enjoy them and who include them in their special day.

One of these traditions is to have the bride wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on her wedding day. There is a hidden meaning behind all of these items and most brides actually enjoy looking for things that could match the description. This is by far one of the most harmless wedding traditions, because nobody has to go through any trouble in order to accomplish it.

One other seemingly harmless tradition is for the groom to step on the bride’s foot during the wedding ceremony. This really is an old fashioned and quite outdated tradition, because it is said that it ensures a “proper” relationship between the two, meaning the bride will become a subjected wife. However, this doesn’t mean that the bride couldn’t do the same thing, so that she will have a subjected husband.

Of course, there are plenty of other amazing wedding traditions from throwing the bouquet to throwing a bachelor and a bachelorette party. In any case, no matter if you choose to stick to these wedding traditions or not, one thing still remains clear, and that is the fact that there is a lot of other much more important things when it comes to a successful wedding. For instance, people might not remember if you threw the bouquet or not, but they will surely remember if they got food poisoning at your wedding. One other thing that people tend to remember is how much they danced and how good the music was.

This is exactly why you should waste no more time and give Mariachi Alegre de Tucson Arizona a call. We are by far the most experienced and professional mariachi group in the area and we guarantee that we can turn any wedding into an amazing celebration. With an incredibly vast repertoire of over 2000 songs and a mariachi band of aged professionals, you can rest assured that your guests will have a great time and that the dance floor will be full at all times.

There is nothing worse than a wedding with bad music. This is exactly why our band is willing to spare you of any embarrassment and turn your union into the best party of the century. We can perfectly combine upbeat and slow songs, so that everyone can dance to the music they like. All you have to do is give us a call today and book our band for your wedding!

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Facts about Mariachi you probably didn’t know

Published on January 15, 2017 by in Mariachi Band

​Many people living in the U.S. have heard Mariachi music at least once. The harmony of the instruments and tenderness of the performance of this type of music moves even someone who is just hearing it for the first time. Even with this exposure, they don’t know some basic facts about Mariachi music. We will discuss this and also toss is few facts about Mariachi Alegre de Tucson. 

A Brief History of Mariachi 

Before the Spanish arrived Mexico, the indigenous Peoples created music for their religious events using rattles, drums, reed and clay flutes, and conch-shell horn. When the Spanish introduced Christianity to Mexico, the indigenous mestizos and Indians were also introduced to musical instruments imported from Europe: violins, guitars and harps, brass horns, and woodwinds. Over time the natives began to merge their own unique creativity with these musical instruments and modified it to suit their taste.

The Spanish introduced the concept of musical groups usually consisting of two violins, one harp and guitars. The indigenes immediately adopted it and this gave rise to Mexican folk music. One of the popular musical styles was the son. Son musical style featured strings instruments and had varieties. The variety popular in the Jalisco area of Mexico was son jaliscence. This son jaliscence is what is now known as Mariachi.

Mariachi are street musicians that perform with violins, trumpets and guitars. These musicians normally dress in traditional outfits that consists of smart suits. They can play a huge variety of music, both traditional and modern, in their own special style.

Some may not have heard, but Mariachi Music has been singled out by the United Nations’ education and cultural organization, UNESCO, to be listed on the intangible cultural heritage list.

One of the most important functions of the Mariachi Band, at least in Mexico, is to serenade a gentleman’s sweetheart. In the Mexican culture, not so long ago, young men and women were usually kept apart from one another. The gentleman who wanted to court the lovely lady of his dreams, would hire the Mariachi singers to serenade his loved one, as a sort of musical love note.

When a young girl has her fifteenth birthday, she is thrown a Quinceanera party as a celebration of her step into womanhood. There are extravagant parties, plenty of food, gifts for the festejada and for all the guests, and the Mariachi Band. This is another great opportunity for serenading with beautiful songs about love, sadness, and, in general, songs that touch the heart. Mariachi Alegre de Tucson is always a good choice for a quinceanera party. Because their repertoire is so extensive, the party, which often goes on for hours, will never run out songs requested by the birthday girl, her friends, and the party’s guests.

Three-men mariachis, in Mexico City, can be found on Plaza Garibaldi, and in Guadalajara at Plaza de los Mariachis, and are ever present to be hired for serenading, especially on Mothers’ Day. Most citizens of Mexico also expect the presence of a Mariachi Band at any large party or event.

It’s a lot like that in Arizona, as well. Mariachi Alegre de Tucson is ready and willing to set aside a date for your next party, fiesta, wedding, mass, or quinceanera. Once you set the date, call (520) 981-3459, and George Bejarano will set aside the date, ask for any special instructions, and be there exactly when you have asked him to have the band at your event.

Just in case you are not familiar with the different terms used in the mariachi world, here is a brief primer:

Traje de Charro – the well-fitting suit with silver buttons, and embroidery, the soft tie, and the wide-brimmed sombrero.

Jarabe Tapatio – (Mexican Hat Dance), is the national folk dance.

Typical instruments used in mariachi are – violin, guitarrón (a large, deep-bodied, base guitar), guitarra de golpe (guitar with lower pitch than the vihuela), vihuela (guitar with six double strings), guitar, trumpet, and, occasionally, a harp.

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New Year, New Awesomeness! 

Published on January 8, 2017 by in Mariachi Band

​Happy new year! 2017 is another year and another opportunity to spice up your celebrations to maximum! On the other hand, our holiday offer is officially over but that also means our services are trumped up for more excellence! We played in several parties this holiday and our experience is 40++ years! We really want to appreciate you our awesome customers and blog followers for being with us till 2017! We look forward to more beautiful musical years with you. 

We’d like to take this time to remind all of our lovely customers and blog followers of some holidays coming up that you may want to plan for! We’d also like to bring up some of the times when our services may be useful this year!

Day of the Holy Kings: This day celebrates when the three kings (or wise men) brought their gifts to the newborn Jesus. Mexico cities tend to get very busy with food vendors and other small celebrations and family and friends may give each other gifts. If you are wanting a small celebration to bring together some loved ones you didn’t see for Christmas or New Year’s, this may be a great opportunity to do so!

Constitution Day: February 5th marks Dia de la Constitucion! It celebrates Mexico’s constitution being promulgated and celebrations include festivals, concerts, and other celebratory gatherings. Start planning now!

We’ll talk about other holidays that occur later in February (Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, etc) at a later date!
Here are some events you may be planning this year that you will need (or want) some entertainment for!

Birthdays! Mariachi are perfect for birthday parties for people of all ages! Young and old will love this upbeat music and it will keep everyone moving and grooving between gifts and cake!

Quinceaneras! If you want to keep some levels of tradition in your special party for your special little girl, bringing in a Mariachi is a great way to entertain everyone. This traditional style will remind you and your loved ones where this beautiful celebration comes from!

Weddings! Much like with the quinceanera, a wedding is a beautiful day for celebration. Bring in a touch of Mexican culture with performances by Mariachi Alegre de Tucson! Indoor or outdoor, our performers do well for all venues!

Funerals: Despite the notoriety for happy celebratory music, our performances are great for funerals. It helps remind us that Mexican tradition dictates we much celebrate the living, and celebrate the life the deceased had. Mourning is important, but so is remembering how beautiful life is!

Church Mass! From Baptisms to weddings, funerals to Sunday mass, Mariachi can help gather the attention of church goers! Spice things up for the day and bring in a Mariachi, or bring us in for special events. We have songs for any and all occasions, celebrations, and worship sessions.

Reunions: Be it a class reunion for 10, 20, or 50 years, or an annual family reunion, hiring a Mariachi is a sure-fire way to get the party started with excitement, culture, and amazement. Let us into your life to help you remember just where you’ve come from and where you’ve been.

Bookmark this page for more blogs about holidays, celebrations, Mexican history, and more for the rest of 2017!

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How to hire a Mariachi for your Quinceanera 

Published on December 31, 2016 by in Mariachi Band

Music choice in any occasion plays the lead role in determining the mood of the attendees. Food comes second. That’s why there’s no excuse to place little priority on the kind of Mariachi band that graces the atmosphere in your Quinceanera. Make your day feel like the coronation of a princess by following the guidelines shared in this article to do good business with your Mariachi band. 

Gorgeous girls in Quinceanera costumes

Gorgeous girls in Quinceanera costumes

Before you hire

First thing you should do before booking is to learn about the entire live music package. You should know if any extra charges are placed on the contract so you won’t have financial constraints after the occasion. 

Mariachi band sets the spirit of the party

Mariachi band sets the spirit of the party

When will the Mariachi arrive? 

The Mariachi band will normally arrive the venue about an hour before the start time. During this preparation time, they dress up, set up their gear, make necessary sound arrangements, tune-up and probably do final rehearsals. Then they will play the first set when the guests begin arriving the venue and then they’ll take a break. During dinnertime they’ll play the second set. But when the agreed time has expired, they’ll have to leave. Because that’s how a contract works. 

How much does a Mariachi cost?

About the payment for the service, the cost varies. This depends on the popularity of the band, their experience and how many musicians make up the band. Some bands can be as small as 3 people, others can have up to 11 musicians. So their cost ranges around $250 per hour. Another factor that affects the cost is the day of the week they’re playing. It’s cheaper on Sundays to Thursdays than on Fridays and Saturdays. So if you’re limited to a certain amount of money, you may want to consider adjusting the date to fit your budget. But if you call and order during this season, Mariachi alegre de Tucson will fix you up for a reduced rate of $225 per hour. That’s so little for a band with 40 years experience and 1000+ songs in memory.

How do you book a Mariachi?

You can book a Mariachi band online or offline. You can reach them online via their website or phone call. Or you can reach them offline by calling at their office. When you receive a quote from their agent, review it with your parents. Once you’ve decided to go on with it, their agent will require you to make a deposit and give you details about the schedule and logistics. You’ll also receive a receipt and a contract. Study the contract carefully before signing to ensure you are on the same page with the band. Remember to call them some time before your Quince to confirm that everything is still on track.

Beautiful girl in her Quinceanera dress

Beautiful girl in her Quinceanera dress

What should you provide a Mariachi?

Remember to take care of your musicians. Make sure they have what they need for a successful and splendid performance. Some bands will require a changing room before your Quince begins. Give them that, a mirror and enough space to set themselves up. Then provide them with water and soft drinks during their performance to keep them refreshed. 

Another point to note is that the band may require special equipment from you. You should discuss this with them beforehand. A public address system is an example of a special equipment a Mariachi band may require.
Do all these and you can count on an excellent band such as Mariachi alegre de Tucson to deliver the musical magic to make your Quinceanera feel like your coronation.

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Funeral and Mariachi Music

Published on December 25, 2016 by in Mariachi Band

​Unimaginable pain and grieve follows the loss of a loved one. The process of planning to lay them to eternal rest is quite hectic, especially when you’re feeling emotional pain due to the loss. Very often your mind will drift to the vacancy they have left. They’re irreplaceable. But however hard you try, you still can’t escape planning the funeral. And due to your love and respect for your deceased beloved, you will want to give them a befitting funeral. That involves a lot of factors.

Mariachi Musicians

Mariachi Musicians

Music is one of the factors to consider when planning the funeral. The importance of music in a funeral cannot be ignored. It’s a way of setting the sober mood and inspiring all guests to ponder on the life of the deceased and share a piece of the grieve the family of the deceased is going through. 

Consider hiring a Mariachi band to honor your loved one’s passing and embrace the music Mexicans have been using in all forms of celebrations and somber events. However, do not let this day be nothing but tears and sadness—celebrate your loved ones and let everyone party a little bit.

While Mariachi music has a very upbeat sound, the lyrics can be quite moving and beautiful and especially appropriate for funerals. Have us perform at the burial site or at the funeral mass. Even those who do not speak or understand Spanish will feel the strong emotions found in these songs. Some will be upbeat and similar to those you hear at big parties, but others will evoke completely different emotions and instruments may be used differently than expected. Never assume a Mariachi band is too loud or inappropriate for an event. Spread the love of the deceased and a love of Mariachi with a honorable service.

To get an idea of what a funeral with Mariachi performers entails, check out some common funeral songs found here. You can also find videos and photos of performers at funerals, showing how moved guests are by this beautiful art form.

Gather the family for the mass, burial, and then a shindig at a private residence or another venue to make this a day to remember while immortalizing the deceased in the traditional way Mexico is known for. There won’t be a dry eye in the house, but at some point in time guests will be smiling and sharing fond memories instead of crying.

Families from Mexico combine the acceptance of death as a part of life found in the Mayan and Aztec histories as well as the strong Catholic influences of wakes, mass, and other ceremonies related to death. Funerals often feature family members bringing candles to light at an altar for 9 days after the death of a loved one and they encourage large and elaborate funerals with long mourning periods—beautifully combining multiple cultures and histories to honor those who are no longer of this earth.

If you or someone you know is holding a funeral, wake, or funeral mass for someone, consider our Mariachi services. If you love Mariachi as much as we do you may want to consider letting us into your family for a short time to spread love and guide attendees towards acceptance of death and the celebration of the lives of those who have passed. Death is sad, but some consider funerals to be more for the living than for the dead—depending on religious beliefs. This season, we are offering our services for a reduced rate of $225 per hour. So call today and let us help honor our dead as if they were our own family members, spouses, or friends.

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7 Magical things exclusive to a December wedding

Published on December 18, 2016 by in Mariachi Band

Very few people will call winter their favorite season. And for this reason, very few fix their weddings this season. However, winter is a beautiful time to have your wedding. Because there are certain things you can get away with at a December wedding that you can’t get away with any other time of the year. 

1. Real snow 

Instead of sprinkling glitters or squeezing fake snow out of a can on the couple as they walk down the aisle, you can actually have real snow in December weddings. Your wedding will stand unique and memorable since most people don’t wed this season. Although, a snowstorm will be a step too far.

On the positive side, your wedding will look like a scene cut of a magical Disney animation.

Snow while walking down the aisle:

Photo Credit: Theilen Photography

Photo Credit: Theilen Photography

Or during your first dance:

Photo Credit: Dinofa Photography

Photo Credit: Dinofa Photography

2. Get Cozy

You get to enjoy comfort and less hassle than summer brides experience. With a December wedding, there is no need to sweat-proof your makeup and no worry about overheating in your ball gowns. You get to enjoy the satisfaction of completely cloaking yourself in a luxurious cape, a beautiful sweater over your wedding dress or adorn your feet with comfy boots. Something nobody can dare any other season of the year. 

3. Heat Up the Wine Jar

If you’re thinking of making your wedding stand out, the drinks is one area to make an impression. You can forget about the regular tropical frozen drinks and instead opt for the winter alternatives. For instance, you can create a make-your-own-hot-chocolate bar, filled with all kinds of mix-ins — like candy canes, cinnamon sticks, marshmallows, and chocolate chips — and top it off with flavored alcohol that’ll enhance the taste, like RumChata and Pinnacle Salted Caramel. You can also serve mulled apple cider, hot toddies, and spiked coffee drinks.

4. Magical Mariachi Music for the first dance

Mariachi music adds magic to your romance

Mariachi music adds magic to your romance

There’s no word to quantify the magic that can sweep into a wedding ceremony through good Mariachi Music. Many couples who took the bold step to use live Mexican folk music in their wedding testify that the music was awesome, especially when the band playing was Mariachi alegre de tucson. So, one more way to add magic to your wedding and make it stand out for eternity is to call Mariachi alegre de tucson to wave their wand and join the immaculate white snow to make your wedding perfect.

5. More honeymoon options to choose from

It’s an unfortunate coincidence that peak wedding season (May-September) coincides with peak hurricane season, especially in the Caribbean. But the winter is the perfect time to make a tropical escape! Leave the snow and ice behind, and enjoy perfect beach weather every day on your romantic retreat.

6. You don’t even need to spend on décor

Take advantage of the holiday season! If you plan your wedding near Christmas or New Year’s Eve — there’s a good chance your venue will already have some decorations in place. When meeting with your venue, ask when and how they decorate for the holidays so that you only have to worry about filling in the gaps (like centerpieces).

7. And even Cheaper music

Mariachi: Mexican folk music

Mariachi: Mexican folk music

Mariachi alegre de tucson is offering their fantastic performance for just $225 per hour this season. This offer is open only this holiday. Take advantage of this opportunity to have an extensive pleasurable after party. And don’t wait on it, bookings are pouring in daily and we may soon be booked completely. 

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