Funeral Services- Schedule Now

//Funeral Services- Schedule Now

Funeral Services- Schedule Now

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, no one thinks about the loss of loved ones. Your concern and sadness is expected and we will always understand how heard it is to bury a loved one. Always remember that funerals don’t need to be depressing. Celebrate the life your loved ones had and how they changed their friends and family. Remember Grandfathers who read to their grandchildren, Aunts who always cooked Easter dinner, Grandmothers who insisted on cooking Christmas dinner alone until this past year she let her daughters help.

Hiring performers from Mariachi Alegre de Tucson will ensure authentic mariachi music and respectful performers who understand the flow of gatherings and what music is appropriate for such an event. Let the living celebrate the death, as Mexicans have for generations.

Some people say funerals are for the living, and they are right. It’s for us to honor those who have passed and preserve the best parts of them into our memories. So let our performers bring some joy into the celebration portion of the funeral. There is plenty of time to be sad, but let us respectfully help you in the honoring of those who are no longer of this earth.

Music can help heal all wounds, especially music of tradition and heritage. Keep the tradition alive and continue to introduce it to our youth. Let guests be sad, but remind them to listen to the music and focus on good memories and remember that the deceased is in a better place, and it’s our job to honor their life by allowing ourselves to heal. Let the music help in that process.

Online you can see song lists, videos of funeral performances, and more so feel free to explore a little before making your decision. You can also purchase albums of Mariachi funeral music. Feel free to explore the music so you have a better understanding of what you are getting, but know that nothing beats a live performance and our musicians will treat your loved one’s funeral or burial as if it was for their own family.

If you or a family member need to arrange a performance for a funeral, contact us and check out our rates. We will perform for the mass, burial, and/or wake for your deceased loved one. We will discuss song lists, times, and more to help ease the process and give you one less thing to worry about. Our prices will not break the bank, but you’re also getting great performers for your money.

If you have any questions regarding funeral services, package deals, or our other services, contact us or peruse our website and blogs for more answers. You can also check out our Video Library to experience the skills of our performers.

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