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With great respect and humility to you and loved ones we are also available for rosaries/funerals and memorials.
We practice safe social distancing and respectfully acknowledge your business with modified salutations-fist or elbow bumps.
We would like very much to be your preferred mariachi.
Thank you and may God continue to bless all of your families.
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Until 7/31/23 ONLY. All gigs in Tucson for the month of July 2023 $325 hour/ 5 musicians Tucson suburbs $350hr/5musicians a. This ad only pertains to bookings in the month of July 2023. It does not apply to future bookings outside of the month of July 2023 b. Participants must mention this ad on my website to qualify for this reduced price of $325hr

We're a highly acclaimed band committed to making our performances accessible to everyone. We offer price matching on all quoted prices from any Mariachi Bands in Arizona. Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience with exceptional sound quality and historically significant songs. Our show guarantees lasting memories. Text Us today to book your go to band!
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Plan a September Wedding to Always Remember

//Plan a September Wedding to Always Remember

Plan a September Wedding to Always Remember

It’s a few weeks to the most amazing weddings in September. We’ve got some ideas to make yours rock! For example, your can take a traditional Mexican spin.

Mariachi Bands can bring magic, extra spice, and fun to make your special day one to cherish forever. Not just for you, but also for your guests too. You can be that relative or friend whose everyone remembers fondly during Christmas or Thanksgiving forever. There’s no better way to begin your marriage than with intense romance and pure joy.

Brief History of Mariachi

Before the Spanish arrived in Mexico, the indigenous Peoples created for their religious events using rattles, drums, reed and clay flutes, and conch-shell horn. When the Spanish introduced Christianity to Mexico, the indigenous mestizos and Indians were also introduced to musical instruments imported from Europe: violins, guitars and harps, brass horns, and woodwinds. Over time the natives began to merge their unique creativity with these musical instruments and modified it to suit their taste.

The Spanish introduced the concept of musical groups usually consisting of two violins, one harp, and guitars. The indigenes immediately adopted it and this gave rise to Mexican folk . One of the popular musical styles was the son. Son’s musical style featured strings instruments and had varieties. The variety popular in the Jalisco area of Mexico was son jaliscence. This son’s jaliscence is what is now known as Mariachi.

Mariachi are street musicians that perform with violins, trumpets, and guitars. These musicians normally dress in traditional outfits that consist of smart suits. They can play a huge variety of music, both traditional and modern, in their special style.

Fall Plus Good Music

When you go through the reviews on this website, you will see how much people enjoy a good performance in their events. These events could almost be anyone, from birthday parties to funerals and wedding ceremonies to quinceañera.

The fall is a very beautiful time of the year. No one can deny that. The temperatures of the lowered to a pleasant level and the brown and orange hue of the outdoors make for very dreamy outdoor events. One such event in a fall wedding. Are you thinking of having a fall wedding? You are thinking right. There’s no doubt your fall wedding will be as pleasant as you dream… Imagine the natural cascade of brown leaves as you walk down that aisle. Imagine a beautiful soothing appeal of a filling the air as all eyes are set on you. You certainly are going to get the best of everything.

Your Favorite and Your Fall Wedding Party

The best of everything is Mexican folk music being played by the foremost mariachi group in Tucson made up of aged professional musicians who have played over 1000 songs in over 40 years of practice. They have played at various masses, weddings, funerals, wakes, and even celebration parties. When looking to color your occasions with live music Tucson, this is the number to dial 520-981-3459.

Mariachi Alegre de Tucson is well versed in song selections and can play all requests. Your guests will have the time of life while you get the satisfaction of imprinting on their memory forever.

Here are 10 reasons mariachi bands can make your weddings the best ones yet

1. Mariachi Bands are very romantic

1280px-Mexico_Showcase,_Epcot_(6068562614)You may not have known this, but we are going to let you in on our little secret. Mariachi bands can be very romantic if you make sure that you have set up the venue and the timing to best showcase the band. If you will, please picture the mariachi members dressed in their macho fitted suits with silver buttons gleaming. Candles are lit, the light in the room is low, and, from out of nowhere comes the band playing the loveliest, most romantic, most heart-tugging love song in their repertoire. As they begin to play, the bride and groom meet in the middle of the dance floor and begin to waltz while gazing into each other’s eyes. Every lady in the audience will tear up and every camera will flash as guests take a picture of this beautiful, heart-warming moment.

2. Kill Boredom


Do you ever have that wedding nightmare in which all your guests are sitting at their respective tables at the reception and are beginning to look bored? We know! What could be worse than bored guests? The only way to stop this recurring nightmare is to make sure that you have reserved your mariachi band for the reception. Sometimes the band leader can tell you about mariachi dance groups in the area. If they have any contacts, a dancer or two is a great way to get folks up on the dance floor. Even without a dancer to prime the pump, once the mariachi music starts, it is the rare person who can resist the happy, enthusiastic sound of the music played by a mariachi band. It’s an instant party starter.

3. Conversation starter

If you have a lot of guests who don’t know each other, mariachi can be one of the best conversation starters ever. The gaiety and happiness of the music and the friendly and out-going members of the band make people want to get to know each other. Mariachi “breaks the ice“.

4. No need for amplification

Since a mariachi band is small and does not need any sort of amplification, the price for their services often comes in lower than the price for other entertainment groups.

5. Engage the Children

Weddings are fun for everyone, including kids. You would be surprised at how quickly the children will hop onto the dance floor and join in the dancing. It’s instinctive. It’s organic. They can’t help themselves. They will be the life of the party.

6. Play any song at your Wedding

Mariachi bands, especially Mariachi Alegre de Tucson, can play just about any traditional and contemporary song that you throw at them.

7. Everybody is part of the party

If you are having a seated dinner, the mariachi can stroll among the tables and serenade your guests, and you, as you all enjoy your meal together.

8. Make Pictures better

A great idea is to have the mariachi band play while you are taking your church pictures. Letting them warm up the guests and pass the time while you are being photographed seems like a win-win, don’t you think? Margaritas included, of course.

9. Basically Fun

A mariachi band is fun. It’s a no-brainer. A mariachi band is just fun!


10. We are close to you

You have one of the best Mariachi Bands in the country right here in your very own town. They are Mariachi Alegre de Tucson, and they are experienced, responsible, talented, great showmen, authentic, and easy to contact.

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