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The Top Qualities of a Great Mariachi Band

//The Top Qualities of a Great Mariachi Band

The Top Qualities of a Great Mariachi Band

With the hundreds of different mariachi bands out there, you have plenty of options to choose from. The amount can make it difficult to find a really good band for your needs, but every great has certain qualities that contribute to their success. These are qualities you can learn of to help you find the best possible for your event or party. In this article, we will discuss what those good mariachi bands have in common so you can narrow down your options and choose the best.


You probably expected this, and for good reason. Experience is probably the most important quality when it comes to defining a good . However, it’s not the be-all and end-all of a great . It’s easy to assume that a band with 50 years under their belt will always trump a band with barely three years in the industry, but what about the younger band’s tighter instrumentation and unmatched energy?

When choosing a mariachi band for your or event, you’ll need to take into account more than just the experience factor. That’s why, despite its importance, it isn’t the only quality you’ll come across in our article.


The authenticity of a mariachi band is important for a few reasons. First of all, if the band is authentic, they will play the the way it was meant to be played, and that’s paramount when working with such a traditional as mariachi (how many songs have you thought ruined by remixes?). Authenticity can guarantee that people are going to remember your event as where they heard that perfect rendition of La Cucaracha.

In addition, an authentic band brings a sense of history and culture to the event, so you’ll really be able to celebrate the roots of this beloved musical style. When combined with the efforts of a very experienced band, this will add a unique element to make your special event all that much more memorable. 

Longevity (or Synergy)

By working together as a group for several years, mariachis develop a stronger rapport – their ability to respond quickly and communicate clearly under pressure translates directly into better performances on stage. This increased level of trust is invaluable during live shows where mistakes could be costly.

But don’t mistake this quality for experience. True, they cross over a bit, but they’re not one. Great synergy is only possible among people who’ve been in a relationship with each other for so long that they barely need words to communicate anymore.

It’s also important to note that some mariachis take longer than others to achieve such high levels of camaraderie; while most bands can play by ear fairly well after one or two months of rehearsals, it can take up to six months before they start sounding truly cohesive. When looking for an ensemble that can handle gigs reliably, ask around about how long they’ve been performing together.

Music Variety

Mariachi bands should include a variety of songs to please everyone. Although they are known for traditional Mexican tunes, such as La Cucaracha and El Jarabe Tapatio, it’s nice to see performers able to play other kinds of music like jazz, reggae, or pop.

If you’re organizing an event that has a specific theme or purpose (like a birthday party), make sure your band includes songs that appeal to all attendees. You don’t want half your guests restless because they dislike mariachi music!

Great or Perfect Sound Quality Production

When you want to book a great mariachi band, you should make sure it has excellent sound quality. If a mariachi band is playing, it’s expected that they have trained their vocals and instruments to be perfect in every single note they play. No audience will tolerate hearing out-of-tune notes, nor will they appreciate background music that is too loud or too soft. It has to be just perfect; this is where a band’s experience comes into play. They should be able to read the mood and take non-verbal cues from the emcee to regulate their presentation.

Furthermore, do not look for an expensive price as an indicator of good sound quality; instead, look for bands that are willing to invest in new instruments and equipment or ones that show videos of themselves performing on their websites. If a band does not do these things, then it means they don’t care about how good their music sounds. Such apathy isn’t a quality in the bands that make it to the top (or even maintain average ratings).

Extensive Song Repertoire

Good mariachi bands have at least thirty songs for any occasion. The great ones, however, are more versatile with at least fifty, able to pull out and perfectly play the appropriate tune for the occasion, no matter what it is. What use is a band that has a hundred songs for a birthday, but fumbles the ten songs it knows?

When choosing a band, you’ll need to think about exactly what you want from the event you’re planning:

  • What kind of event it is
  • How long you expect the band to play
  • How much you’re willing to spend for a band (quality is the most expensive commodity there is)

It’s best to find a well-travelled band. In Mexico and across Latin America, mariachi bands play a number of different genres that can differ by region. A well-travelled band will have the best of both traditional and modern songs in its repertoire.

Besides, a band with a great repertoire of songs will be able to take requests.

Songwriting skills

Although it might not seem like a talent that belongs on a resume, songwriting is a nice part of a band’s arsenal, especially if you desire originality in your event. Make sure they’re not a band that just throws bars together, though.

A Lot of Research Awaits You, Unless…

With the number of bands out there, finding The OneTM can be exhausting. So, why not cut to the and check out one of the best in the industry, Mariachi Band Tucson? In the hands and voice of well-trained musicians, mariachi music has the power to transport you to another place or time with its rich melodies and rhythms, and we’re ready to deliver that at your next party or event.

You can reach us at {insert contact info here}, set a date and time, and we’ll be there setting up half a day early.

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