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How to Plan a Christmas Office Party with a Mexican Theme

//How to Plan a Christmas Office Party with a Mexican Theme

How to Plan a Christmas Office Party with a Mexican Theme

With the year whining down, what other way to show gratitude than to throw a Christmas party for your employees? Not only to show appreciation but to create a new bond and keep the team spirit alive between colleagues.

Are you planning an this year? You can either be feeling so excited and have a few ideas or be frightened, confused and not know where to begin.

Whatever the case, you’ll still need help to set one up. We have come up with some ideas to help you plan an unforgettable Christmas party.

Let’s reveal them to you.

4 Benefits of Hosting a Christmas with a Mariachi

1. Appreciation of employees

Your employees have worked all through the year. Yes, they are paid for the service they offer, but hosting a Christmas party for them is an innovative way of saying a huge thank you. Hosting a Christmas party creates an opportunity for the organization to appreciate all its employees. 

2. Raise employee morale

A Christmas party is an opportunity for office workers to have fun and enjoy the holiday season. Making them feel appreciated is a very good way to boost their morale. Hosting a party will keep the employees motivated, feel important, and with a high spirit making them eager to put more effort into the next year.

3. Employee engagement

Christmas parties give room for employees to get to know their co-workers on a personal level, which is usually difficult during the work period and helps in strengthening the bond between co-workers. This bond is important for your employees to efficiently work as a team.

3. Year report

Hosting a Christmas party allows the employer to review the company’s activities during the year and give a report of what they achieved and the plans they have for the coming year.

Why Choose a Mexican-themed Christmas

A Mexican theme party will elevate the mood of employees and fill the party space with sunshine. A Mexican-themed Christmas office party brings unique foodie combos and flavors, tasty cocktails, and bold dopamine colors to stimulate the minds and keep co-workers dancing all night long. 

Mexican food is also tasty and easy to cook, coupled with Mexican cocktails that always pack a punch.

11 Steps to Plan the Perfect Office Christmas Party 

1.      Set a budget

Your budget determines the kind of party you want to have. Set your budget first and build the party to suit the budget. The budget remains constant while the quality of everything needed for the party changes to suit the budget. From the number of staff, guests, types of food, and booze to entertain, and then venue choice. 

2.      Set a date

After making your budget, find a date that suits everyone, and save the date ahead. Make sure the date doesn’t clash with any other major event of the company. Set a reminder in the company calendar so employees will take note. Christmas season is filled with lots of activities, so give a month’s notice at least to everyone. It’s vital to send invites on time to other people who are not staff in the company and ask for confirmation of attendance. Make sure the guest gets a reminder before the party.

 3.      Choose and set your venue

Choose and set up the venue. Find a venue with a neutral background, and choose around four of the company’s colors. Completely neglect colors and objects that will distract you. Some ideas to help you enhance your space:

  • The gate

Decorate the gates, doorways, or tree at the entrance with bright flowers hanging or tissue pom-poms, and use a cloth rail with serapes, sombreros, and colored shirts for a last-minute Mexican glow-up.

  • Ceilings

Hang different colored paper lanterns at different heights, stretch Papel Picado (perforated paper), tie bandanas for bunting end to end, and keep them high enough, so folks can reach them!

  • Lighting

Use fairy lights to string between the Papel Picado.

  • Walls

Use Mexican drape blankets in strips to cover wall paintings. Hang sombreros over paintings and hang fringe balloons in clusters.

3.      Send out invitations

The invitation should contain information of the time and venue. The invitations are for non-employees that the company also wants to be present at the party. Remember, send the invitation early. At least a month’s notice should do.

5.      Make plans for food

Very important detail. Your guests and staff must eat. You can abduct Mexican foods. They aren’t often eaten  

6.      Prepare the agenda

Have a projection on how long the party will take. No one will want to stay if they don’t know how long they will stay. Although the party is fun, they will appreciate it better if made shorter. People should be aware of how long they would stay. Create a program for the party from start time to end. You should allocate time to every activity that will take place.

7.      Prepare gifts for everyone

You can give gifts to employees. You can decide to send a survey to employees to add links and photos of their Christmas wishes. Set a budget of $50 or more. The gifts are purchased and wrapped to be presented to the employees and opened at the party.

8.      Make sure everyone gets to the party

Make plans for transportation for employees, ensuring that everyone gets to the venue and back home safely. Logistics is always a laborious task. You can order taxis to take workers to the venue and back home. And then a black car service should do for your VIP guests.

9.       Set up a photo booth

A photo booth will give plenty of amazing different shots of employee bonding together. Taking a bunch of photos will commemorate the party and create memories. To make employees feel more at ease, include some fun holiday props to pose with Santa and elf hats, antler headbands, and scarves.

10.  Add office Christmas party games

Your office party won’t be complete without a game that includes everyone. You can spice up and make the party more fun by adding games. Doing more activities and competitions will increase the teamwork skills of the employees.

One game everyone can partake in is a cookie decorating contest. The only thing you need is some sugar cookies, different icing colors, and some edible candy and sprinkle décor. To inspire everyone, add a prize to the winner. You can add other office Christmas games like tree decorating competition, Christmas candy bar, never ho-ho-have I ever, indoor snow fight, Christmas trivia, and this or that. There will be no dull moments with games.

11.  Set the tone with Mexican

creates the mood you need. Do you want to party with a romantic vibe, a playful vibe, or just a casual one? Then should do the job. Although playing recorded audio might do the job, a live band will do better. You have been planning every session, you don’t have to overstress it by still thinking about the kind of to play. Let life bands take that burden off you. 

Take Your Office Christmas Party to the Next Level

In conclusion, planning a Christmas office party with a Mariachi/Mexican theme can be an exciting and memorable experience for all involved.

By following these steps, you can create a festive atmosphere that celebrates the spirit of the season while incorporating the vibrant culture of Mexico. From choosing the right music and decorations to serving delicious food and drinks, there are plenty of ways to infuse your party with a touch of Mexican flair.

By putting in the time and effort to plan a party that everyone will enjoy, you can create a fun and festive holiday event that your colleagues will remember for years to come. So, get ready to put on your sombrero, grab your maracas, and celebrate the holidays with a festive and unforgettable office party!

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