Show Mom Your Appreciation With Mariachi!

//Show Mom Your Appreciation With Mariachi!

Show Mom Your Appreciation With Mariachi!

Mother’s Day in Mexico is always on May 10th, so this year it falls in the US on the traditional Mother’s Day in Mexico. The US celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, so let’s make this one special for all of those mothers who hail from the great country of Mexico. Let’s make a big deal out of the day to honor our mothers in the best way we can! Let’s throw a party!

Like other parts of the world, Mother’s Day in Mexico involves the gifting of flowers and cards and even hand-made presents made at school, but there’s also the parties, special Mass, and orchestras. Bring out the tamales and atole and have our band play Las Mañanitas.

Mothers are special and deserve to be treated as such at least once a year. Bring all of your siblings and family members together to honor your mother (and all mothers in your family, preferably) for a big party. Don’t let mothers lift a finger and let them be entertained by skits by children and a professional mariachi band. Remind her of her heritage and motherland with the authentic Mariachi stylings of Mariachi Alegre de Tucson! If your mother isn’t Hispanic, hire us anyway! There’s nothing that says you have to be of a certain background to enjoy the great music. Bring your friends and family from all corners of the globe together to experience the fantastic band from right here in Tucson.

No matter the venue, Mariachi is a perfect fit. Get everyone up and dancing around, fighting for a chance to dance with one of the wonderful mothers present. Give the gift of joy and excitement with such a wonderful band this year.

ACT NOW! There’s less than a month before Mother’s Day. Forget the restaurant reservations, have a party catered and surprise her with a Mariachi to serenade her. Show all the mothers in your family how special they are for giving birth to us and molding us into the great people we are today. Mother’s Day is a surprisingly popular day for Mariachi groups across the world, especially since mothers hold such an important role in the family! Some cities even hold Mother’s Day Mariachi Festivals (Oxnard, CA for one) so bring on the band and the margaritas! Momma deserves it!

Serenatas are a popular tradition for such a great holiday! Make her feel special for up to 15 minutes at a time with songs such as “Las Mañanitas,” “Madre Querida,” “Canto la Madre” and “En tu Dia” for a serenata she will never forget! For more song ideas, read here.

For Mother’s Day Mariachi performances or any other Mariachi needs, contact us to make any party of holiday extra special!

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