Graduation Day Is Coming!

//Graduation Day Is Coming!

Graduation Day Is Coming!

From Kindergarten graduation all the way through Graduate school graduations are coming, so get ready for some crazy parties! No matter the graduation, it’s time to celebrate the only way we know how: Mariachi performances. Bring all friends and family to the celebration of your young one’s proof of knowledge. Have a party the day of the graduation, a few days before, or a few days after to allow everyone to see what this young person has done! If you’re older and went back to college you definitely deserve a party, too. Get a bunch of graduate families together and throw a block party if you can!

Mariachi is perfect for all types of celebrations—especially for major life changes. Regardless of what the party recipient has graduated from it showed they had the determination to do something great. Show them how proud you are with a lesson in Mexican culture as well as great performers of a valuable art that will make the life changing accomplishment even more unforgettable.

You can rent out a restaurant or similar venue, throw a party at home, or at your local church! Our Mariachi can perform just about anywhere (without or without audio amplifying equipment). We fit in with any décor and theme. All guests, young and old, will love the upbeat and celebratory music of Mexico on a beautiful spring or summer afternoon and into the cool evening.

Show your High School Grad how proud you are of them by throwing them an amazing party. The higher the GPA, the bigger the party! Invite their friends, family, and neighbors (even the family members you don’t usually invite to other functions) to brag about their achievements and to show them your pride.

College graduation gets overlooked because everyone freaked out about High School graduation 4 or more years earlier. College graduation is so impressive it deserves an even bigger party than your high school graduation did. Celebrate the years of dedication, sweat, and tears you put into that Doctorate, or the stress and anxiety you went through during your Senioritis getting your BA! Even celebrate the dedication and decision making you had to go through to choose which school to go to and which courses to take for your Associates (or any other degree for that matter).

Graduation parties are a great way to let off some steam now that your life has become less stressful (or at least now that the type of stress has changed). Have fun at a huge party with live music provided by Mariachi Alegre de Tucson and start thinking about your career path the next day. You and your family have earned this celebration 10 times over so let’s get to celebrating before it’s too late! Call now for booking information and dates available.

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