Spring: Perfect Time For A Quinceanera

//Spring: Perfect Time For A Quinceanera

Spring: Perfect Time For A Quinceanera

Quinceaneras are all about introducing a young lady into the world as the woman she is! Much of America celebrates the “Sweet Sixteen,” for young girls but the beautiful Mexican tradition of the Quinceanera has been around for generations and continues to be an important part of a young girls life. As loving parents it’s your job to help her have the best night ever—at least until her wedding day, that is! Show her how special she is without breaking the bank, of course. Keep the festivities fun and with a bit of traditional entertainment by hiring Mariachi Alegre de Tucson f

or your daughter’s Quinceanera this year!

Online you can find all sorts of lists and ideas for song choices for Father-Daughter Dances and lists of songs for various parts of the event! Many people mix it up a bit and do Mariachi music as well as pre-recorded American music. This can help the young woman connect with her Mexican heritage as well as her American identity as well! Prerecorded music can also be a nice way to let the Mariachi band know they can take a short break and to make others comfortable with music they understand if they do not speak Spanish. Even if half of your guests are not bilingual or multi-cultural everyone will have a lot of fun dancing to the upbeat and beautiful mariachi music played by our professionals!

We’ll play waltzes, songs for choreographed dances, Mariachi classics, and more! You name it, we can probably play it to make your little angel’s night perfect!

While planning this beautiful evening of singing, dancing, crying, and fun you may come across one major problem: What should the THEME be? Planning a Quinceanera can be worse than planning a wedding or prom! Theme may be very important to your little girl, so let her have the final word and if she’s unsure of what would work or what others have done the internet is full of ideas! Pinterest, especially, but you can find all sorts of ideas here, too. Themes range from historical periods, TV shows, colors, patterns, countries, different cultures, and various levels of South American culture as well! Keep it traditional like flamenco or go into a Bollywood theme for bright colors, lavish outfits, and large dance numbers! Any budget can create a beautiful event and our performers can work with any theme!

Make this night perfect for your lovely lady and please all of your guests—young and old—with amazing music to pair with anything your young woman has come up with in planning! We can even perform at the mass relating to this beautiful introduction into womanhood! Call today to begin planning a party with the best music available in Arizona!

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