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Top Mariachi Songs for Quinceanera

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Top Mariachi Songs for Quinceanera

Throwing a memorable is no small task. Most times, a quince requires the same time, effort, and preparation as a wedding. Given its cultural significance, this comes as no surprise. An important part of planning a is choosing the type of to play. 

Even when you can’t celebrate your child’s quince in Mexico, you can bring Mexico to Arizona. How? Opt for songs. Playing songs at your event will complete the cultural experience you want to create. When performed by an experienced band, these songs will also bring a unique touch to your event. 

Some Top Songs for Quinceanera 

Choosing for your child’s quinceanera isn’t enough. You need a list of mariachi quinceanera songs that will set the mood for the event. This can be challenging, as there is a vast collection of great songs to choose from. Thankfully, we have simplified this task by creating a list of Mariachi songs perfect for every quinceanera celebration. 

Cielito Lindo

“Sweet Sky” is a unique Mariachi quinceanera song. It is a favorite of many Mexicans and a staple at Mexican celebrations. The song is also a great party starter. 

El Mariachi Loco 

Do you want your guests to run to the dance floor? Then, ensure this Mariachi quinceanera song is on your list. This lively tune will have you and your guests moving to the rhythm in no time.

México Lindo y Querido 

The title of the song translates to “beloved and nice Mexico.” The speaker is proud of his Mexican heritage and expresses it through the lyrics of the song. Part of the song says that if the singer dies away from Mexico, his survivors should say he is asleep and then take him back to his hometown to be buried. This Mariachi quinceanera song will bring the soul and life of Mexico to your event.  

Si nos Dejan

If they allow us is a popular Mexican love song originally performed by the famous Luis Miguel. This Miguel masterpiece is perfect for every party, including a quinceanera. It is sweet-sounding, lively, and perfect for couples dancing. 


Loving someone brings happiness. And happiness is something we all want. This Mariachi quinceanera song reminds us of these truths. The song says that everything is a good reason for loving someone. It also states that if you love someone, everything is a good reason to be happy. 


This song will definitely put a smile on the celebrant’s face. If you speak Spanish, you might wonder how, since the title of the song means “Kill them”. Well, the title is figurative. 

Everyone knows women want loving gestures such as flowers or little chocolates and pay attention to details. The speaker in this Mariachi quinceanera song talks about showering them with these tiny gestures. Thus, it means “kill them” with the little details.  

El Rey

This is another rich Mexican song perfect for a quinceanera. According to the song, all Mexicans are kings and queens of their land. It is also an initiation song of some sort. It is said that when a foreigner knows and sings this song; they become a Mexican automatically. 

Why Mariachi Songs are Ideal for Quinceanera  

is popular for being upbeat and lively. So, mariachi bands perform at quinceanera, weddings, birthdays, beach parties, and other jubilant celebrations. These songs are enjoyable for the whole family and guaranteed to bring your guests to the dance floor. 

Also, the spirited performance style and dazzling fashion sense of a Mariachi band will add color and spice to your child’s quinceanera. Don’t forget that besides mariachi, no other live performance offers that immersive cultural experience. 

Tips for Hiring a Mariachi Band for Quinceanera

Choosing a mariachi band is as important as picking the right songs for your event. There are many mariachi bands in Tucson, Arizona to choose from. However, it is wise to opt for a band with experience and a track record of excellence. An experienced brand will deliver a satisfactory performance regardless of the chosen song. 

Here are a few tips for hiring a mariachi band for your quinceanera: 

Decide how many musicians will best suit your needs. Create a budget. We will talk more about the cost of hiring later. Next, have a time schedule. What time would you want them to arrive? The schedule should align with that of the party to ensure that the guests have arrived before the performance starts.   

When you call to book the band, ask if the cost is per song or per hour. The best Mariachi band in the city should play about 12-15 songs per hour. Create enough space so that the musicians can be comfortable playing their instruments while still having room on the dance floor.

Appoint a person or committee to welcome the mariachis, request the songs, identify the guest of honor and arrange for the comfort of the mariachis (drinks, food, washroom facilities).

Create a list of the best mariachi quinceanera songs to request. Be prepared to serve the mariachis dinner if the gig is for more than an hour. Tipping isn’t mandatory but acceptable if they play extra songs.

At the close of your event, pay attention to the songs that were the most popular among your guests. This simply means the songs that got people up dancing or singing along. Add those songs to the list at your next event. 

How Much to Pay a Mariachi Band for a Quinceanera

The cost of hiring a mariachi band depends on certain factors. The first set of factors is the experience and number of musicians you need. Depending on the location, number of band members, and number of songs you want them to perform, the cost could be different.

For instance, in Tucson, Arizona, you can get a deal of $275 per hour for five musicians. While in the suburbs, the same performance will cost $300. The cost of hiring a band from another city also differs. 

The Right Mariachi Band for Quinceaneras  

If you have an upcoming quinceanera party, we’ve got you covered. We are a professional Mariachi band in Tucson, Arizona, committed to making your events stand out. We perform many mariachi songs. You can trust us to set the right mood for your event. 

Our rates are reasonable, and we offer special offers throughout the year. So, visit us today to book and schedule a time. We promise to arrive promptly looking sharp in our well-fitted suit and silver buttons.

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