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Top Mariachi Songs for Birthdays

//Top Mariachi Songs for Birthdays

Top Mariachi Songs for Birthdays

songs are an important part of Mexican culture. They are quite popular within the Latin America community. The usually performs these songs. 

With their unique charro suits and interesting performance, the is fun to watch. bands perform at all kinds of events and parties. If you are planning a birthday party for yourself or someone, you need great songs for you and your guests to groove to. 

Apart from decorations and food, is a significant part of parties. So, we’ve compiled these top mariachi birthday songs for you. You can request these songs when you hire a to perform at your birthday party.

Cumpleaños Feliz

This is the Spanish version of the traditional happy birthday song. This song request is great to sing to the celebrant. The celebrant will feel happy with this version of the birthday song.

Las Mañanitas

Although a Spanish version of the regular birthday song exists, this is the default mariachi birthday song. It is a joyful song that wishes the celebrant a happy birthday. The lyrics of the song convey the message and will excite the celebrant. 

It has a fun tune, and it is usually loud. It makes the celebrant feel loved and celebrated. This can serve as the first song you request for a mariachi-themed birthday party.

El Mariachi Loco

This is an upbeat song that is great for dancing. Request this song when you want your guest on their feet. They will surely enjoy its fast-paced rhythm as they move their body to the beats.

Ese Camino

This is great for a child’s birthday party. The song is crafty and grabs the attention of kids. This is ideal to keep kids entertained.

Feliz en Tu Día 

You have this birthday played at both a child’s and adult’s party. It simply translates to “happy on your day”. It wishes the celebrant so much happiness on their special day. 

Cielito Lindo

There’s hardly a Mexican party where people don’t play this song. Cielito Lindo is one of the mariachi celebration songs. The song is soulful and comes from a place of deep passion. It will move your guests to sing along.

O Pato – El Pato

This is also a great song for kids. It’s a song about ducks and children can sing along too. Request this to keep children engaged at parties.

Una Madre Entre Flores

This song is for mothers. If it is your mother’s birthday, consider requesting this song. Any mother would appreciate this gesture. It is a warm and emotional song to show how much you appreciate your mother.

Maria Bonita

This is a very popular Mariachi love song. It is suitable for an adult’s birthday party. Request this song especially if it is your lover’s birthday. It is fun and popular and your guests will most likely know it and sing along.

El Gustito

This song translates to ‘delight’. It has a riveting tune and is great for dancing. The song captures Mexican culture in the most delightful way. Request this song to keep your guest entertained.

Why Hire a Mariachi Band for a Birthday Party?

If you are from Latin America or having a Mexican-themed party, a mariachi band is the best. Here’s why. 

Mexican Culture

Mariachi songs are a significant part of Mexican culture. They always showcase the rich culture of Mexico. A Mexican party or a Mexican-themed party is not complete without a Mariachi band. 

Mariachi Spells Fun

Mariachi bands add a fun twist to parties. Birthday parties are one of the joyful occasions. They could really use some mariachi magic. 

Engaging Performance

The members of the band move around the audience, engaging them in rhythmic . Your guests can’t help but sing along and dance to the .

Customized Parties

Mariachi bands can wear a costume to match your theme. If you have a color theme, you could inform the band. They will wear matching suits and add elegance to your party.

Music Requests 

The variety of music is the most amazing part of hiring a mariachi band. There are thousands of mariachi songs. You can request any of them at your birthday party. You can specifically request these top Mariachi songs for birthdays.

Creative Song Covers

Mariachi bands are great at coming up with song covers. You can request any song, even those they don’t know. A good Mariachi band will come up with a Mariachi version of the song. You may even love their version more than the original.

How to Hire a Good Mariachi Band for Birthday Parties

There are ways to know if a good mariachi band is good for your party. Below are some things to consider.


You need to choose an experienced band. Experience bands handle party performances better. For you to know if a band has the requisite experience, ask them how long they have been playing. You could also ask other people who have hired them for their parties. 

Watch Their Performance

Consider watching one of their birthday party performances. This will help you make an informed decision. You could request a video of their performance or watch them live.

Check Their Instruments

You really don’t want an interruption or terrible sound at your party. If you know little about musical instruments, ask a friend for help. This will help you know if they are good at playing at your party. 

Hire Us for Birthday Parties

If you’re looking for a mariachi band to hire in Tucson, Arizona for a birthday party, you’ve come to the perfect spot. We are a band of expert musicians and performers. Hiring our mariachi band to celebrate a birthday is a one-of-a-kind experience. You can also hire us to surprise your loved ones on their birthday! 

Looking for a mariachi band in Tucson, Arizona? We are right here! We offer music services for all kinds of events, including birthday parties. Contact us to entertain your guests with fun Mariachi songs.

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