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Most Popular Mariachi Songs to Request at Your Party

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Most Popular Mariachi Songs to Request at Your Party

songs are common on festive occasions in Mexican cultures. They are a part of most Mexican family gatherings, weddings, and birthday parties. songs can make you laugh, shout, jump, dance, or even cry. They have a way of bringing out emotions. songs are great for parties because they can get you on your feet! 

If you’re considering hiring a for your party, you should know the songs to request. When you know the to request, you can create the ambiance you want for your party. It could be energetic music for dancing or intimate for a loved one. It depends on the party you want. 

Clueless about the right song choice for your party, here are fifteen popular you can request for your party.

15 Popular for Your Party

La Bamba

La Bamba is a traditional song from the Veracruz region of Mexico’s Gulf Coast that dates back to the 18th century. There is no direct translation for the Spanish phrase La Bamba. However, the closest equivalent is “to shake” or “to stomp.” 

This gives you an idea of the song it is. A dancing song! The lyrics of this song encourage people to dance. It is a high-tempo that is quite popular. 

It is one of the most popular songs in American history. In 2004, it was the first non-English song ranked in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

El Son de La Negra

This song will get you dancing the moment you hear it. It has a danceable beat. The song translates to “the black woman.” The lyrics are basically about a man who longs to see this black woman. Request this song if you want to get your guests on their feet.

El Mariachi Loco

This song translates to “The Crazy Mariachi.” The is one of the happiest. It has a fast-paced rhythm that makes you want to dance. It is also great to sing along to. Request this song at your party to lift the spirits of your guests.

El Gustito

El Gustito translates to “Delight.” You can easily sing along with the song. Get your guests screaming “Ay la la la” at your party by requesting this song. As the name implies, this song is a delight! 

El Borracho

El Borracho is a pleasant song to request at your party. It tells the story of “The Drunk.” It’s a typical party song for merrymaking and dancing. It is a fun song that will get you moving your head, singing along or dancing.

La Mano de Dios

This song tells a happy and inspiring love story. It translates to “God’s hand.” It is the story of two people who are in love. Thus, God is the only one who can break such love. It’s a lovely confession of love and devotion between two people who can withstand anything. The music style is passionate and intimate. It is a popular choice for wedding parties and engagement celebrations.

La Negra Tomasa

This song has an engaging dance tune. It is a great request for fun and high-spirited parties. 

Siempre te Amaré 

This song is an emotional love song. It is perfect for a wedding party. You can also request it if you’re throwing a party for a loved one. This song will show how much you love them. It is great for a couple’s dance. 

Si Nos Dejan

“Si Nos Dejan” belongs to the traditional Mexican love ranchera . It is common to play it during weddings and quinceaneras. This song depicts a classic romantic story in which the male says to the female, “Si nos Dejan,” which translates to “If they let us.” 

The man tells the woman that if they let them, they would be happy and things would be beautiful. They will forget about everything else. This is in keeping with Mexican culture, where parents must accept that a relationship can be successful. This song idealizes the Mexican love tradition. 

This song is great for parties that celebrate love. Request it to make your guests feel the love in the air.


This song has a fast-paced rhythm. It is great for fun parties because of its high tempo. You and your guests will enjoy all the fun this song brings. The beat keeps your spirit high. It also has a pleasant tune to sing along to.

¿Quién Será? 

This song translates to “who will be”. Although it is an emotional love song, it has a fast-paced rhythm. You and your guests can dance to it at parties. It is great for wedding parties. You can also request it at any other party.

Las  Mañanitas

It is the classic Mariachi birthday song. This song is great for birthday parties. It is a pleasant tune for the cutting of cake segment of your party. Request it for birthday parties to wish the celebrant a good life.

Amigos Para Siempre

“Amigos Para Siempre” is about two friends who have always been friends and value their friendship. They have a special connection. They will not forget their friendship even when they part ways. It is a pleasant song for parties. Guests can sing along and have fun with this song about love and friendship.

El Jalisciense

This is a cheerful song. You can request it for any kind of party. The fast-paced beats are good for dancing and being merry. 

Popurri: La Rabia / La Cuichi / El Pavido Navido

This song has a fun beat. The blend of the band and trumpet sounds makes it danceable. It is easy to sway to this song once you hear it. Your guests will enjoy this song request at your party.

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