You Didn’t Know These About Mariachi Music

//You Didn’t Know These About Mariachi Music

You Didn’t Know These About Mariachi Music

Even if they’ve been around since the 17th century, and with the easy availability of information on the internet, many people still don’t know about the Mexican folk music Mariachi.

Even if many people enjoy the music and are very familiar with it via mainstream media, it’s still not well known. It’s not a surprise. It’s easy to get lost in the beautiful sound and not get so entangled in the idea of where it came from. But we will share with you today.

What makes the Mariachi music tick? What are they about?

What Should You Know About Mariachi Music?

  1. Back when it all started, Mariachi was a dance music. Zapateado – a Spanish technique – was the dance technique originally associated with mariachi. This dance technique involves striking the floor with the heels of feet or shoes. The striking is performed in sync with the song or it’ll sound discordant
  2. We all know mariachi originated in Mexico. However, there’s a place – a plaza – in Mexico City that’s best described as the Centre for Mariachi Music. It is the Garibaldi Plaza. A wide array of Mariachi musicians are seen promoting themselves in the hopes of scoring a performance gig with passersby. Sometimes they can be seen approaching.
  3. The Beginning of the 20tg century marked an important phase in mariachi music. Courtesy of the media, mariachi now represents Mexico.
  4. They were various styles if Mexican folk music. One of the styles is called “Son”. It’s from a regional style of Son folk music that Mariachi evolved which has gradually spread past the Mexican border.
  5. Mariachi music has inspired and featured in different TV show and blockbuster movies. One of these such as Jerry Maguire, El Mariachi, Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico.
  6. Contrary to popular belief, Mariachi bands don’t hang around in restaurants, wait for a couple to argue and jump to the rescue with their music. That’s just silly.
  7. Folks who love a mix of Mariachi and Metal are going to be excited by this news. There are Mariachi bands that combine both types of music.
  8. Mariachi songs are suitable for all occasions and events. From the celebration of Holy Matrimony to Funerals, mariachi music has you covered.
  9. There are mariachi songs for every occasion. These songs will bring up the stir the right emotions in your guest, and set up the mood required for any occasion.
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If you are seriously considering hiring a mariachi band, go for it. Spice up your occasion with some traditional Mexican music. It won’t just be a day you remember, it’ll be an occasion everyone in attendance will hold dear.

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