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How to Plan Halloween Party

//How to Plan Halloween Party

How to Plan Halloween Party

It’s that time of the year again. Everybody loves October. Do you want to make this October count with an amazing ? Planning a takes a lot of time and calculation. But it is half the fun. It can be intimidating if you haven’t planned one before. But you shouldn’t raise a fuss about that. We have some tips to make the planning a smooth one for you.

To make your remarkable and outstanding. You have to be innovative. Even horror is fueled by good imagination. Where there’s no imagination, there’s no horror, there’s no fun.

Let’s guide you through the tips to successfully plan a Halloween party.

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Tips to Plan Halloween Party

1. Consider the various Halloween themes

Halloween today has been packaged in various themes. Consider all, and choose the best that suits you, your friends, and your budget.

There are numerous Halloween themes. Let’s list a few for you.

  •  Ghostly theme
  • Costume theme
  • Haunted theme
  • Horror theme
  • Fairytale theme
  • Pumpkin theme
  • Graveyard theme
  • Mad scientist theme
  • Murder mystery theme
  • And a lot more…

The theme you choose will determine the entire rhythm of the party. So, this is the first and topmost important decision to put in place.

2. What will your decoration look like?

This is also a big game in your planning. And this is one of the many aspects affected by your choice of theme. A big party means big work in the decoration. And it follows for a small party. But you can get friends to help you out with decorations. Well, we advise you to start your decoration early enough so as not to be in a haste later on.

Here are some decoration tips on a few themes:

Hunted theme

  •  Use lit-up skulls to replace your lights at the walkway.
  • You can place glowing sculptures on your window.
  • Glue black feathers in a wreath form and hang them on your door to create a spooky vibe.
  • You can buy hanging witch feet online and hang them on a tree.

Creepy theme

  • Use black paper to print out mouse templates and cut out the mouse shape. Glue on the staircase.
  • You can also print out bat templates and hang them around hidden corners of the venue.
  • Use black ropes to weave webs on the wall of the house.

Pumpkin theme

  • Gather gourds in various shapes and sizes, you can give them personalities by adding eyes and accessories. You can also use beads and hats.
  • You can use LED string lights around your regular pumpkins and leave them in your front yard.
  •  You can stack up pumpkins and fix a pointy hat and a trash bag cape. To create a pumpkin witch.

Graveyard theme

  • You can spray a pumpkin black and wrap it up with gauze. Leaving behind two holes to form an eye.
  • You can get a decorative metal skull fence, and place a plastic skeleton to look like it’s rising from the dirt.

2. Browse for Halloween Food

The theme you choose will also determine the type of food to make for the party. We will help you with a few Halloween food ideas. Apart from the cliché candy ideas, there are some more we can help you with.

Ghostly theme

  • Ghost cupcake: You can do this by spraying white icings in the cake with brown chocolate eyes.

Pumpkin theme

  • Pumpkin pie pop tarts: You can make this with brown sugar and pumpkin puree filling. Cut into jack-o-jack shapes with a pumpkin cookie cutter.
  • Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies: Put festive spins on your chocolate chip recipe but with a pumpkin version.

Graveyard theme

  • Mummy hot dog: This is a spooky version of pigs in a blanket.
  • French bread mummy pizza: This is a French bread pizza made to look like a mummy.

Creepy theme

  • Spider cookies: You can use some creative art to mold chocolate peanut butter to mold creepy spiders on your cookie.
  • Doughnut hole eyeball:  Transform your ordinary doughnut into a spooky doughnut with melted red candy.

3. Consider your invitees

Your chosen theme will also guide you to create your invitation cards. And it will give your invitees a clue on what kind of Halloween party to expect. Be sure to include the set date and time on the card. Also, give details of what to wear and bring in the card. 

Make sure to create this invitation early enough so that your friends won’t have already laid out a plan for that day. Including your invitees in your plan will also give you an idea of the numbers, space, and food quantity in your preparation.

4. Plan for Halloween games

You surely don’t want to plan a boring party. Spice it up with fun Halloween games. You already have the number of people you are inviting, as well as their interest. You will need that information in getting this session of planning right. With the information, look out for online Halloween games and pick out your choice. It must be fun.

5. Consider the

The best way to set the Halloween tune as your friends walk into the venue is by choosing the best Halloween . Set up the where it won’t be seen easily. Don’t just think of the . Consider Halloween sound effects too. If you are having an outdoor Halloween party, be sure to keep the music down so as not to disturb the neighbors.

You can take your party to the next level by rather using a Halloween live band than playing recorded audio. A live band will save you the extra stress of planning and listening to the best Halloween audio that’s tailored to your party. Hire a live band to get that burden off your head while the experts plan it for you.

The best music for Halloween is made in Mexico. Let the experts in Mexican music do the job for you. Here at Mariachi Alegre De Tucson, we have been playing Halloween music in Tucson Arizona. We listen to you as you tell us exactly how and what you want. And we carry on with our expertise. Reach out to us today. Let’s make your party one to be remembered by all your friends.  

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