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Make Your Christmas Holiday Parties Awesome the Mexican Way

//Make Your Christmas Holiday Parties Awesome the Mexican Way

Make Your Christmas Holiday Parties Awesome the Mexican Way

Mexican Christmas traditions

Mexican traditions

We’ve talked about the overall happenings at Christmas in Mexico, but today we’ll talk about a few of the traditions and how you can incorporate that into your holiday celebrations to make the end of this year one to remember.

Mexican Traditions


Between December 16th and 24th, children often perform the 9 “Posada” processions. Posada comes from the Spanish word meaning “Inn” or “Lodging”. This tradition stems from the Catholic/Christian influences from the story. Where Joseph and Mary search for a place to stay for the birth of Jesus. During this time, homes are decorated with evergreens, moss, and paper lanterns. Children are given candles and a board holding painted clay figured of Joseph and Mary on a donkey. On the final night, a manger scene is placed on the board. And they go from home to home singing songs about Mary and Joseph’s journey. Upon entering homes, the children say prayers and thanks before the partying with food, games, and fireworks begin. Each night features a different home holding the party and receiving children. At the final Posada, a baby Jesus is placed in the manger to represent the birth of Christ. And all families involved will attend a midnight Mass.

Piñata for the Posada

At the Posada, a piñata may be present. It is usually a ball with seven spikes or peaks around it (representing the 7 sins) but animals or other shapes may be present as well.


This comes from the word meaning “shepherds.” Pastorelas are a type of play telling the story of the shepherds trying to find the baby Jesus—in a humorous tone. They often include tales of temptation attempted by the devil, but the shepherds find their way, in the end, to be where they meant to. This year, get your neighbors involved (especially the children) and teach them the story of Christmas using the tradition of the Posadas. At the parties on each of the 9 nights, you can incorporate new and interesting food. Or stick to more traditional menus. You can also bring in a band for a fun and upbeat entertainment venue. Our performers would love to see little angelic children singing the songs of Mary and Joseph’s travels and then play traditional Mexican Christmas songs (and even some more westernized songs if you want) to keep everyone having fun the whole night. Act now and get great prices and a guaranteed band for your party! If you want, hire us for all nine nights! Get the neighborhood together and it’ll be more than affordable- it’d be foolish not to hire a band for your Christmas related festivities this year. While you’re at it, ask about Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day openings.

There’s More

Mariachi bands are great, but most people only think of them for weddings, birthday parties, Quinceañeras, and other similar celebrations. No one thinks of hiring a Mariachi band for a Christmas party—and that’s insane! Christmas is a perfect time to have such fun and amazing music for a great party.

Christian/Catholic influences on the Mexican culture

Many holidays celebrated in Mexico and the surrounding areas have mixed Catholicism and Aztec (or other native Mexican peoples) traditions into a beautiful season of mass celebration. Spread the knowledge of the love of such beautiful traditions with the wonderful music of Mexico.

Keep everyone awake and moving after over-eating

After everyone has had their full, of the wonderful food that has been prepared (or catered, we don’t judge), it can be great to get up and dance for a bit. No one will resist dancing to the upbeat our performers will bring to your party. Even those aunts, uncles, or cousins who “don’t dance,” will be on the dance floor shakin’ their groove thing!

Great for large parties

The bigger the party, the better. Large office parties, large family seasonal gatherings, or just a neighborhood block party to celebrate Christmas will benefit from these wonderful performers. Have everyone chip in a bit to hire a instead of pumping recorded music.

No need to rent speakers

If you’re having a large party, you’ll probably either be at a large indoor venue, in a yard or a park, or some other sort of outdoor venue. Speakers can be expensive, and DJs are overrated. Live doesn’t need much amplification.

No boring DJ

Some DJs are pretentious and won’t listen to requests, and others only work on requests and boring setlists. Our Mariachi performers will read the crowd and know what songs people will love to hear to get their booties on the dance floors. Or what music to play to let everyone rest and calm down for a few minutes.

Anyone and everyone can enjoy Mariachi

No matter where you’re from, where your family is from, or what music you normally listen to, is intoxicating. There’s no rule stating you must be of Mexican descent to love this music. Embrace the culture of others by listening to music and talking to the performers.

Enjoy performers who will socialize

Instead of being like boring pieces of furniture, our performers will involve themselves in the party (in a professional manner) and they will include guests into the performance in some way, shape, or form (encouraging dancing, taking requests, etc).
mariachi alegre de tucson az mariachi band
For your holiday parties, large or small, consider the Mariachi performers with Mariachi Alegre De Tucson. We are the best of the best and can’t wait to celebrate the holidays with you. Book now before someone else takes your party day! We love holiday parties. We have playing business, corporate and private parties for over 40 yrs. We have lots of experience playing fiestas. We used to play at el mariachi restaurant (tucson az 1985-2002) for all types of people and all types of parties. We play many mariachi holiday season songs and also play some of the american standards: feliz navidad, jingle bells, rudolph, etc.  
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