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With great respect and humility to you and loved ones we are also available for rosaries/funerals and memorials.
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We would like very much to be your preferred mariachi.
Thank you and may God continue to bless all of your families.
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A Fall Wedding to Always Remember: Here’s How to Plan Yours

//A Fall Wedding to Always Remember: Here’s How to Plan Yours

A Fall Wedding to Always Remember: Here’s How to Plan Yours

The change of color of the leaves, the hot drinks, and the pleasant climate make autumn a beautiful season to get married. Planning a in the fall is a great experience, but there are a few things to keep in mind, such as unpredictable weather conditions and season-specific settings. With the right preparation and a little know-how, you can start planning a fall your guests will never forget!

man and woman near water falls

1. Choose the ideal location

Decide on a budget

Preparing a budget before you start looking for places will save you a lot of time and stress. Rooms can be expensive, and knowing how much money you can spend will help you narrow down your choices and make the best decision. Keep in mind that some places may not be available in the fall as they are considered out of season.

When doing your research, call establishments to find out if they have special discounts.

Some establishments will give you a deal if you book an off-season with them.

Choose between an indoor or outdoor wedding

This will affect the locations you look at during your search. Find out about the climate in the area where the wedding will be held. If it is likely to snow, consider celebrating the wedding indoors or moving the date to early fall.

Find places

Make sure they are within your budget. The Internet is a great resource for finding places in your area, and you can read reviews online about the different places that interest you. When looking at different venues for a , ask if the venue can accommodate your guests, events and if it’s easily accessible in inclement weather.

Book a place

Once you’ve done your research and secured a venue, you can then plan the rest of your wedding. Make your reservations well in advance to ensure you get the dates you want.

Plan what to do in case of cold weather

If you are planning an outdoor , start by checking the weather forecast a month before the wedding date. If there is a risk of cold and/or rainy weather, make the necessary preparations in advance so that you don’t get stressed out on the big day.

2. Create a menu with fall specialties

Serve dishes according to the season

With the right presentation, you can turn basics like pumpkin and squash pie into appetizers and elegant dishes for your wedding. Instead of serving salad, try serving a fall soup like butternut squash soup. It will keep guests warm especially if you are having an outdoor wedding. Opt for meats like lamb or pork instead of chicken and fish. Serve the dish with a traditional side dish in the fall, such as mashed potatoes or seasonal vegetables.

Offer fall-themed drinks

Flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin are popular in the fall. There are many ways to incorporate these flavors into cocktails. If you don’t serve alcohol or want a choice of non-alcoholic drinks for guests, offer 0% cider or ask the bartender to make non-alcoholic cocktails. If you plan to serve champagne at your wedding, add pomegranate seeds to each glass to give them an autumnal touch.

Serve popular desserts in the fall

Order a wedding cake in fall colors like brown, orange, red, and yellow. Ask your caterer if decorative fall leaves can be made with frosting. Offer pumpkin pie and caramel apples for more choices.

3. Choosing decoration for a

Get creative with floral decorations

Finding flowers for a fall wedding can be a challenge because the most popular wedding flowers are out of season in the fall. Moreover, they should also match your theme.

bride and groom near green leafed plants during daytime

Asters and astilbes are excellent for decorating a fall wedding.

Any flowers with red, orange, or yellow hues will go well with an autumn theme.

Don’t limit yourself to just flowers. Incorporate plants like ferns or berries. It’s a great way to bypass the limited selection of fall flowers and, thus, make your centerpieces pop.

Use pumpkins and squash as decorations

In addition to being inexpensive, these vegetables are great for decoration. Using them will help you save on your budget. Place them next to your centerpieces or use them to decorate the buffet. Decorate them in gold or silver with spray paint and place them around your wedding venue for a simple and elegant decoration.

Create a decoration inspired by fall

Use tablecloths and napkins in fall colors like red, orange, and yellow. If you are hosting round tables, place artificial fall leaves around your centerpieces. If you have banquet style tables, a line of artificial fall leaves will look very pretty in the center. Decorate each plate with a small autumn ornament, such as pomegranates, golden apples, or patties.

Rent a tent

If you are planning an outdoor fall wedding, a stylish tent will help your diners stay warm. Ask the company you are renting from if they offer side tents to keep your guests sheltered from the elements.

Put rugs outside

Rugs come in handy when planning a fall and outdoor wedding. They will cover the fallen leaves to the ground which could become wet and slippery from the rain or snow.

Provide portable heaters

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding and there’s a chance it’ll be cold, hire portable heaters in advance to have them just in case. Place them strategically where your guests are.

Send fall themed wedding invitations

Print them out on leaf-shaped paper or tie an autumn leaf to with red, orange or yellow ribbon. Finally, send them in envelopes in fall colors.

4. Dressing for a fall wedding

Choose a wedding dress according to the weather

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, read the weather forecast before choosing your dress. If it’s cold, choose a long-sleeved dress and plan a jacket for the reception.

Choose bridesmaids dresses according to the season

Look for dresses in satin or silk and avoid dresses in summery colors like hot pink or sky blue. Instead, go for burgundy, copper, or ocher tones. Keep in mind that it could be cold and choose dresses accordingly.

Get a tuxedo or a suit in the colors of the season

Textured suit jackets and pants are popular for fall weddings. If you want a unique look, opt for a brown or gray suit instead of the traditional black tuxedo. If you are planning an outdoor wedding and it will be chilly, ask the groomsmen to wear cardigans or sweaters with cute ties.

5. Mariachi for your fall wedding

When you want to add the extra spice of custom to your fall wedding, consider hiring a mariachi band to bring life to the event. They can play over 400 songs, some of them fall-themed to grace your love and the future filled with a harmonious union.

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