Hiring a Mariachi for Christening Mass!

//Hiring a Mariachi for Christening Mass!

Hiring a Mariachi for Christening Mass!

Spring is coming, which makes it a perfect time to start baptizing those children. A few weeks ago we talked about the general goings-on of traditional Mass services so now we’ll begin discussing different special events that can happen during Mass. Baptism is an important part of the Catholic and Christian faiths.

After the procession enters and once the homily has been completed, the parents and child are both invited to face the celebrant. Following the parents and child are the godparents. The child and godparents are introduced in the eyes of God and welcomed among the Christian or Catholic community.

Following this introduction, the creed is replaced with baptismal vows and the parents present their children to the congregation and the congregation rejects evil and admits faith with the family.

The parents, child, and godparents then approach the baptismal font to cleanse the child with holy water, praising Jesus and God, cleansing the child by the pouring of the water over the head by the priest. Prayers of the faithful ensue, followed by the offertory (where gifts may be brought up) and the part of Our Father for the Annointing with the Chrism.

A baptismal candle is then lit by the parents and godparents, symbolizing keeping the child faithful and educating them in the ways of God. Following is a prayer for peace and a blessing for parents after communion.

Concluding the ceremony, the celebrant speaks a blessing to the mother of the child and then the father. This serves as a reminder of the importance parents play in the life of the child in their journey in religion.

This ceremony can occur in the homes of parents or loved ones, during a traditional Sunday Mass, or even during holiday masses. The age of the baptized participating can vary—from a few months old through adults.

If you’re seeking some additional entertainment or performers participating in the service, look no further! Mariachi Alegre de Tucson is qualified to perform at all different types of Mass services. If you and your loved ones are planning a post-christening party we’re the right band for you, too! Our relationship with the churches of Phoenix and the surrounding area keeps us faithful and respectful of all Mass services. Our prices are fair and our performance quality is outstanding. Make this a day everyone will remember—not just the parents and godparents.

Any Mass service can be improved with our performers. So the next time you’re looking for musicians for any type of mass service (especially big days like baptism) call us. The sooner, the better! Spring may bring more baptisms than you’d expect, so act fast. We can even work out regular deals with your church for special and regular mass service performances.

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