Last Chance for Cinco de Mayo Mariachi!

//Last Chance for Cinco de Mayo Mariachi!

Last Chance for Cinco de Mayo Mariachi!


Alright, guys. Cinco de Mayo is Tuesday! It’s too late to have a pre-Cinco-de-Mayo-party but you still have a chance to call into work and get your friends and family to do the same to have an all day party for the 5th! Or you can throw a party after work and just go in Wednesday a little exhausted but somehow refreshed at the same time. It’s your last chance to reserve the best Mariachi in Arizona (possibly the US) for your party or other gathering for Cinco de Mayo related festivities.

You may still have a chance to rent out a large portion of a restaurant, a conference room in a hotel, or find a friend with a big back yard to throw a party. You don’t have to go all out with food or decorations. Restaurants and hotels are great because they’ll have some sort of food you can purchase. Neighborhood, friends, or family parties are great because you can throw a pot luck dinner. It may be a little late to prepare some of the classic Mexican dishes but there’s still time to get in touch with a caterer or prepare some other great food!

Even if you’re not Mexican or any other type of Hispanic you can enjoy Cinco de Mayo! Celebrate the wonderful culture that is all around you in Arizona by recognizing the beauty and importance of the Mexican heritage of those around you. Bring out the sombreros, hire a Mariachi, and watch the neighbors beg to check out your party. Make it a block party for added fun and a sense of community.

Common interpretation and celebrations of Cinco de Mayo in the US

Even if you just end up getting some Americanized tacos from a chain tex-mex restaurant you can still celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Our performers work for a reasonable rate and provide amazing and authentic performances that can turn even an awkward party based on stereotypes and bad “Mexican” food a great one. Bring out the sombreros and try out some authentic Mexican food recipes and show your respect for how far Hispanics have come in this great country.

It’s great to know the significance of Cinco de Mayo but in the US (and even much of Mexico and South America) it’s used as an excuse to celebrate this wonderful culture and background, to help keep our children aware of where they came from. The battle this day commemorates wasn’t life changing for anyone outside of Puebla, Mexico but it’s a great excuse to bring out the bright colors, great food, and amazing music.

No matter your reason for celebrating Cinco de Mayo (an excuse to drink and party, a desire to eat Mexican food all day, or a respect for the culture and battles) celebrate it with gusto and hire an amazing Mariachi to get everyone out of their chairs to dance and sing and have a good time this Tuesday!

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