Church Mass: Lent

Church Mass: Lent

At Mariachi Alegre de Tucson we offer church service performances and this week is the perfect opportunity. Mardi Gras is February 17th which means lent (Cuaresma) is one week from now. Soon will be 40 days of fasting and abstinence to renew faith and edify the spirit. So while you celebrate and purge yourself of sins before lent, consider hiring our Mariachi band for a beautiful mass this Ash Wednesday through Good Friday.

During Lent, some will not be consuming meat on Fridays for 40 days and a form of fasting which includes but one large meal per day and 2 small meals. The 40 day season comes from the time when Jesus fasted for 40 days in the wild while preparing for a public ministry. Many participants today give up sinful items or actions while others give up something they feel has made them a worse person (technology, social media, swearing, etc). Such actions lead to purification and edification and increased focus on what matters in life.

Ash Wednesday is an important day in Catholicism. On that day a priest will draw a cross on the foreheads of visitors in ashes as a sign of repentance and mortality. Many Catholics will leave this mark for several days to show humility and each Friday until Easter is a special ceremony. One such celebration is “Friday of Sorrows,” which is celebrated in the devotion of the Virgin Mary and the pain and suffering she endured when she lost her son.

If you or your church is planning special ceremonies or masses in your church this Lent season, contact us for professional musicians qualified to perform at any church mass. You can see success stories online where a Mariachi band performed at a mass and how much worshippers enjoy the presence of the performers. Mariachi has as rich a history as the country they came from and Catholic Mass is a perfect place for our musicians. Not only will they perform beautifully but they will respect all goings on in the church.

Take pride in your church and your community by hiring local musicians for a beautiful service every time. Sunday Mass, holiday mass, and more. Make every christening a true celebration, keep Sunday mass joyful, and all holidays a little extra special.

Contact us now for reservations for Ash Wednesday and Friday services for Lent. Consider our services if you’re seeking to up your church attendance or welcome new members. Keep church exciting and interesting with beautiful music of talented and passionate musicians who will honor and respect your church as much as you do. Chances are, someone from our company might already attend your church—and if not, there’s probably someone in attendance who has seen our musicians perform.

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