Fall Wedding Planning with Mariachi

//Fall Wedding Planning with Mariachi

Fall Wedding Planning with Mariachi

mariachi alegre de tucson az 2013Summer has one month left, so if anyone is still in the planning stage of their wedding, it may be a good time to book Mariachi Alegre de Tucson for a wonderful wedding performance. Summer may be the peak wedding season, but planning an Autumn Nuptials is a great idea for any couple.

  1. Bookings are cheaper: For anything related to weddings, spring and summer can be the hardest time to make plans. Hotels get booked, wedding venues raise prices, and you may have to compete with other wedding plans to gt your guests in attendance. With autumn approaching, bookings will open up and you may have a better selection of dates and you may find yourself getting better pricing packages.
  2. Weather: Tucson may be hot year round, but fall usually leads to cooler temperatures than this August summer!
  3. Vacation time: Wedding planning leads to asking for vacation time from work, and don’t forget about your time off for the honeymoon! You and your guests may not need to fight for the day(s) off needed to celebrate this wonderful day, since most people take their vacation in summer or closer to Thanksgiving or Christmas.
  4. Colors: Fall allows for various color schemes. From neutral browns to the beautiful reds, oranges, and yellow of tree leaves, you have options.
  5. Mariachi: speaking of colors, traditional Mariachi outfits come in many colors and styles. Some opt for black and white, but you can also find red, orange, yellow, black, white, gold, and more. Our music is fitting for all seasons and styles of weddings. All ages of guests in attendance will marvel at your amazing taste in entertainment. Our prices are more than fair and we offer the best performers around. Our set lists can include special requests, classics, and more contemporary or modern pieces as well. We can perform for your reception, ceremony, and even rehearsal dinner!
  6. T95Children: Children are a great addition to any wedding, from the flower girl to the ring bearer. They will love telling their friends about the amazing wedding they attended this fall and they will always remember the mariachi band they saw perform on this beautiful day. Show them a bit of culture and get them up and moving and dancing, to keep their energy under control.
  7. Fun: Weddings are fun, regardless of time, place, and who RSVP`d correctly. It’s your day so enjoy it. Let Mariachi Alegre de Tucson bring the music to this beautiful celebration of love, respect, unity, and fun. We’d be honored to watch you take a step into a new stage of life with someone you love so dearly.
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